The Firm Foundation of Our Forgiveness

Tyler Kenney
The Firm Foundation of Our Forgiveness

It is a profound gift of grace that God has not only promised us forgiveness, but that he has established the foundations of it right before our eyes.

The death of Jesus Christ is an eternal testimony before God that our sins have been sufficiently dealt with, which gives us confidence that we will receive mercy on the Day of Judgment and not wrath.

Jonathan Edwards ponders the alternative in Miscellanies #113:

Again, if there was no satisfaction for sin, nor any... Continue Reading

"Follow Me"

Jon Bloom

The only thing that qualifies us to be followers of Jesus is that we are sinners who need grace. Sinners are the only kind of people Jesus calls, as the Apostle Levi (Matthew) discovered.1


Levi looked around the campfire circle at Jesus and the other eleven disciples. Strange rabbinical school, he thought. Not exactly the cream of the scholarly crop. Led by a rabbi with no formal theological training, his disciples tended to be a bit heavy on fishermen.

But he saw himself as the oddest of the... Continue Reading

Come, Let Us Think Together!

John Knight

But by the open statement of the truth we would commend ourselves to everyone's conscience in the sight of God. (2 Corinthians 4:2b)

Like many of you, I am deeply grateful for the free and easily accessible resources of Desiring God and other like-minded ministries. I frequently use these resources and by them grow in my affections for God and knowledge of the Word.

I am particularly grateful for this free and easy access when I come across websites and other information sources... Continue Reading

Broken Bone Hymns

Paul Tripp
Broken Bone Hymns

It’s a bit of a strange word picture, the kind that causes you to wonder and to feel just a bit uncomfortable. But it says volumes about what you need and about what it is that God is doing.

If you’re confused about what God’s agenda is in your life, or if it doesn’t always seem like his promises are being fulfilled, then this strange little prayer from Psalm 51 is helpful and clarifying. In his psalm of repentance after his sin against God, Bathsheba, and Uriah, David writes this... Continue Reading

For the Fame of God's Name

Sam Storms
For the Fame of <em>God's</em> Name

Justin Taylor and I are excited that we are now free to talk openly about For the Fame of God’s Name: Essays in Honor of John Piper (Crossway, 2010).We’ve been diligent to protect the secrecy of this project ever since we first sat down three years ago in a Wheaton, Illinois, restaurant to talk and pray about a project that has become very dear to our hearts.

The first obstacle we had to overcome was our sense that John might not be as excited about this book as we were! But we... Continue Reading

The OT Lord’s Supper, the NT Passover

Jon Bloom

The Supper that Jesus instituted on the night he was betrayed was a new Passover meal. Or we might say that the Passover was the Old Testament Lord’s Supper.

The reason the Lord instituted the Passover was so that people of Israel would always remember and proclaim their redemption from Egypt:

This day shall be for you a memorial day, and you shall keep it as a feast to the Lord; throughout your generations, as a statute forever, you shall keep it as a feast. (Exodus... Continue Reading

Surprise Book—For the Fame of God's Name: Essays in Honor of John Piper

Tyler Kenney
Surprise Book—<em>For the Fame of God's Name: Essays in Honor of John Piper</em>

Two days ago at our National Conference, Sam Storms and Justin Taylor took the stage just before lunch to make an unexpected announcement: after 3 years of undercover communication and composition, a special book had been prepared.

There on stage, Sam and Justin presented to John Piper a book written in his honor: For the Fame of God's Name: Essays in Honor of John Piper.

Sam began by reading from "A Note to John Piper," the first section... Continue Reading

Suffering and God's Goodness—Go to the Cross!

Jonathan Parnell
Suffering and God's Goodness—Go to the Cross!

Discussions about suffering and God's goodness must go to the cross. For an example of what that looks like, consider this portion of Randy Alcorn’s newest book The Goodness of God: Assurance of Purpose in the Midst of Suffering.

Jesus Christ’s life and death demonstrate that God has never dished out any suffering he hasn’t taken on himself.

His death on the cross is God’s answer to the question, “Why don’t you do something about evil?” God allowed Jesus’ temporary... Continue Reading

Christians Are to Be Proactive in Doing Good

Matt Perman

As I prepare for my seminar Friday at our National Conference on “Rethinking Productivity in Light of Justification by Faith Alone,” I'm realizing that a lot of things in my preparation probably won't make it into the actual seminar. Here's one such segment which, although it might not make it in to the seminar, is absolutely critical to the way we should be as Christians and why things like learning to be more productive matter:

Christians are to be eager and... Continue Reading

The Excellencies of Christ Illustrated in Nature

Tyler Kenney
The Excellencies of Christ Illustrated in Nature

The triune God had a purpose when he set his final creation, man, in the midst of such a marvelous universe. He wanted every aspect of that universe to teach man something about him.

Psalm 19:1-4 and Romans 1:20 tell us this. "The heavens declare the glory of God"; that is, they show forth "his eternal power and divine nature," along with the rest of creation.

In this excerpt from Miscellanies #108, Jonathan Edwards lists a variety of scenes from nature and... Continue Reading