A Valentine for My Wife in Pictures and Rhyme

John Piper

I loved you by the bending tree
Where N plus J marks you and me.

I loved you outside Williston,
The year before God made us one.

I loved you in a paisley dress,
When everything in me said, Yes.

I loved you when your hair was long,
Like Mary and her sixties song.

I loved you in your wedding gown,
And how we tiptoed out of town.

I loved you on the balcony
Of our small flat in Germany.

I loved you when your heart was buoyed,
And even when you were annoyed.

I loved you... Continue Reading

When God’s Direction Comes Through Correction

Jon Bloom

God faithfully directs the paths of everyone who trusts in him with all their heart (Proverbs 3:5-6). But sometimes, as Moses experienced in Exodus 18, God directs us through a word of correction from someone else.

The reunion of Moses and Jethro was a sweet one. Moses was glad to have his wife and his two boys back with him. And Jethro sat astonished as Moses described the ten plagues, the pillar of God’s presence, the Red Sea deliverance, the provision of... Continue Reading

My 2010 Writing Leave: What? and Why?

John Piper

From February 4 through March 17, I will be on my annual writing leave(with a couple speaking trips thrown in). Thank you for supporting mein these focused times away. They are not vacation. I usually worklonger hours during writing leave than during regular ministry seasons.

So please pray for me that I would love my family well and that I wouldbe very productive for the glory of Christ. Pray that I would devotemore time to prayer, not less; that I would give more time to... Continue Reading

Deliver Us from Morality

David Mathis

I recommend Doug Wilson’s Five Cities that Ruled the World(Thomas Nelson, 2009). The cities he highlights are Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London, and New York, each leaving the world a legacy.

Jerusalem has bequeathed to us a legacy of the spirit; Athens, reason and the mind; Rome, law; London, literature; and New York, industry and commerce. (xx)

In developing the literary legacy of London, Wilson unearths this nugget from C. S. Lewis about William Tyndale and the Reformation:

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Rethinking Perfection

David Mathis

Jesus keeps us off balance. We think we know that perfection is a fastball of justice, and he throws us the curveball of grace.

When I read Matthew 5:48 abstracted from it’s context, I’m thinking mainly in terms of justice.

You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

“Perfect,” ah yes, surely that’s mainly about being just. But Jesus’ context gives this charge some wicked spin.

Despite what I would guess in extrapolating from verse 48, with my innate definition... Continue Reading

Measure Your Favorite Authors By What the Bible Includes

John Piper

What the Bible teaches keeps us in line with reality. But what the Bible includes keeps us balanced and protects us from ill-advised overstatement.

As he came to Christ C. S. Lewis was learning from J.R.R. Tolkein that Christianity is “true myth.” “It really happened.”

Then he says, “The ‘doctrines’ we get out of the true myth are of course less true: they are translations into our concepts and ideas of that which God has already expressed in language... Continue Reading

A Poem About Jesus in Haiti

John Piper

Jesus in Haiti
After the Earthquake

Do you consider safety, or your health,
A sign from me?
I am not awed by might, nor struck by wealth,
Or poverty.

O, I am struck! And crushed. Buried, I wince,
And dying, pray,
A sympathetic Priest in Port-au-Prince,
Even today.

But there, in those United States the boot
Is on my face.
“Saul, Saul,” I ask, “Why do you persecute
And not embrace?”

Your King, I lift my arms to you in peace
And patient grief;
And summon now to Haiti enemies
For my relief.

Success Can Be Perilous

Jon Bloom

We are never more vulnerable to sin than when we are successful, admired by others, and prosperous, as King David tragically discovered.

It was spring again. David once had loved warm, fragrant spring afternoons on the palace roof. But this year the scent of almond blossoms smelled like deep regret.

David had no desire to look toward Uriah’s empty house. If only he had not looked that way a year ago. The memory throbbed with pain. His conscience had warned him to stop watching... Continue Reading

7 Reasons to Love and Study the Book of Ruth

Desiring God Staff

John Piper's brand new book A Sweet and Bitter Providence is an exploration of the book of Ruth. In the introduction, he writes,

I don't know you or your circumstances well enough to to say for sure that you should read this book.... [L]et me simply tell you why I think you might be helped if you join me in listening to the message of Ruth.

He lists 7 reasons:

1. Ruth is the Word of God.

[T]he message of Ruth is unwaveringly true. It's a rock to stand on when... Continue Reading