Grace: Right Here, Right Now

Paul Tripp

Do you understand the majesty and practicality of the grace you have been given? If you don't, in subtle and not so subtle ways, you are looking to other things to get you through. You don't need to go out searching for hope and help, because they are already yours in the resources of grace that you have been given as God's child.

Grace is the most transformational word in…

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An Admonition to Workaholics

Mark Priestap

Allow me to speak personally for a moment about a sin that long festered in my life: forsaking the means of grace in my home, sacrificing them on the altar of vocational work.

In my profession, it is customary to work long hours to meet deadlines (often multiple overlapping deadlines). And since the work is not back-breaking labor, it is easy to slowly get entangled in it until I find…

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One of the Greatest Blockheads in the World

Tyler Kenney

Seeing the devil is so cunning and subtile, it may seem a paradox, why he will endeavor to frustrate the designs of an omniscient being, or to pretend to counterwork him that is omnipotent, and will not suffer anything but what is for his own glory: seeing that God turns everything he does to the greater and more illustrious advancement of His own honor, and seeing he has experience of…

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Praying the 6 "D's"

Jon Bloom

A few years back I wrote about the 5 "D's" I pray for daily. Recently, I added a sixth: desperation. I need to feel continually my desperate need for God.

Whatever it takes, Lord, give me...

Delight in you as the greatest treasure of my heart.
        Delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4)

Desire to know you, be with you,…

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Luis Arocha

Jonathan Parnell

Luis Arocha will be the Spanish interpreter at this year’s national conference. Luis is a pastor at Iglesia Bautista de la Gracia in Santiago, Dominican Republic where he and his wife live with their four daughters.

He attended a Desiring God conference for the first time in 2005 that was used by God to awaken in him a passion to delight in God and spread that joy to others. Luis…

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If Billy Graham Had Been a Pastor

David Mathis

Billy Graham once was asked, “If you were a pastor of a large church in a principal city, what would be your plan of action?”

In the modern-day classic The Master Plan of Evangelism (which has gone through over 100 printings since it was first published in 1963), Robert Coleman reproduces Graham’s response, perhaps a surprising answer to many:

I think one of the first things I would do would
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Islam, Fear, and the Gospel’s Demand

Ted Esler

I have a friend who works in a country where Islamic law governs life. The small house church he had established was in the hands of national leadership, and he was not present when the religious police broke in and arrested the entire church, sentencing all of the men to prison.

One day soon after, an angry mob assembled at the local mosque and marched toward my friend’s home. He…

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The Nature of Conversion, Then and Now

Tyler Kenney

I am now convinced, that conversion under the old [covenant] was not only the same in general with what it is commonly under the new, but much more like it as to the particular way and manner, than I used to think.

Among the children of Israel, there was always without doubt two sorts of persons, wicked and godly, and there used to be as manifest a difference between these…

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God, Make Us Desperate!

Jon Bloom

A few days ago I listened to a sermon by a man who is preparing to lead a missionary team that will plant itself into one of the least reached nations in the world.

The most optimistic estimates of the number of indigenous Christians in this nation is less than the number of people who attend Bethlehem Baptist Church on a Sunday morning. A lot less.

Listening to him was…

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