Being and Acting in Another

Jonathan Parnell

"Personal holiness"—what thoughts does this phrase engender?

If I had to guess, I would say your mind went to thinking about spiritual disciplines or moral performance. Or at least that's what mine did. The word "personal" has a way of making our brains forget God's self-attested holiness and focus only on our own, which we typically equate to nothing more than our conceived progress in fulfilling certain do's and don'ts.

Moral code can easily become our attempt to live up…

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The Harmony of All God's Decrees

Tyler Kenney

If God has already willed to send rain, then why pray for it? Or if God has chosen to save you, then why fight so hard against temptation?

Edwards gives his answer to questions like these in Miscellanies #29 (reformatted for readability):

God decrees all things harmoniously and in excellent order; one decree harmonizes with another, and there is such a relation between all the decrees as makes the most excellent order. Thus God decrees rain in drought because he…

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One International Family, Joyfully Laboring Together

Jeff Lacine

We are very excited about the short-term missions team of young people that have come to Bethlehem from the Dominican Republic. Over the next couple weeks they will be teaming up with members from Bethlehem to minister to Hispanics and Native Americans in Minnesota.

The team came to Desiring God yesterday for a visit, and infused our routine with their energy and enthusiasm.

We are thankful to God for the partnership we have with these brothers and sisters. Moreover, we…

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Thank You, Pastor John, for 30 Years

Jon Bloom

Today marks the 30th anniversary of John Piper’s pastoral leadership at Bethlehem Baptist Church.

Thirty is a significant milestone in a number of ways. John was just over 30 years old (34) when he assumed the senior pastorate on July 13, 1980, which means John has spent almost half his life pastoring this congregation. Bethlehem was 109 years old in 1980, which means John has been the pastor for almost 30% of its existence.

Through his sophomore year in…

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Marlin Bloom: Free and Experiencing Real Joy

John Knight

Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them (Psalm 139:16)

Dear Friends of Desiring God,

Last night at 8:16 p.m., Marlin Bloom, father of our Executive Director Jon Bloom, took his last breath and went to be with his Lord. The days God numbered for him in this life, before anything was created, are concluded.

This was not…

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Peter: When the Rock Sunk Slowly

Jon Bloom

One night a rock sunk slowly. And when he did, Jesus had some profound things to teach us.1

*          *          *

The day had been another mind-blower for the disciples. As they rowed toward Capernaum it was hard to stop talking about what they had seen. 5,000 men, plus women and children, and Jesus had fed them all! With one boy’s lunch! The power Jesus seemed to command both thrilled and unnerved them.

But it had all ended strangely. They had…

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Luke's Lesson on Grace and Faith

Tyler Kenney

Though their stories in Luke 1 are strikingly similar, Zechariah and Mary have two significant differences that Luke highlights to teach an amusingly ironic and encouraging lesson about grace and faith.

Here are their similarities:

  • Both are visited by the angel Gabriel (Luke 1:19; 1:26-27)
  • Both are promised the miraculous birth of a son (Luke 1:13; 1:31)
  • Both are equally unfit to have a child: Zechariah's wife is barren, and Mary is a virgin (Luke 1:7; Luke 1:27)
  • Both respond…
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We Will Miss You, Lukas!

Jon Bloom

Today is Lukas Naugle's last day at DG. And we’re feeling a mixture of sadness, deep gratitude, and excitement about what the Lord has in store. 

Lukas joined the DG staff in 2004 as our Customer Service Manager (CSM). He didn't remain in that position very long. Not because he wasn't good at it, but because he was good at many other things too. 

I discovered quickly that Lukas is not one to color inside the lines. I have come…

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Are There Two Wills in God? Yes.

Tyler Kenney

If you've never before heard about the existence of two wills in God, I recommend reading John Piper's article, "Are There Two Wills in God?" (which is also an appendix in the book The Pleasures of God).

In essence, what the doctrine states is that there are... well... two wills in God. The first will is his will of command (or as Edwards says below, "law"). This is expressed through God's revealed desires for people, desires such…

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The Sin of Sodom

Tyler Kenney

As Bible-believing Christians, we are known for our convictions against sexual immorality. But are we known equally as well for our contempt for religious arrogance?

Scripture clearly states that sexual immorality is sin (Matthew 15:19; Romans 13:13; 1 Corinthians 6:18; Galatians 5:19, 1 Thessalonians 4:3, etc.). We must also remember, however, that this is only one bad fruit of our rebellion against God, one among a list of many others, including idolatry, theft, greed, drunkenness, reviling and swindling (1 Corinthians…

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