How Not to Read a Parable

John Piper

In the parable of the tenants, the owner of the vineyard finally sends his son to collect the fruit that the tenants refused to give to his servants. The tenants had beaten and killed the servants. But the owner says, “They will respect my son” (Mark 12:6).

This sounds like God, who is represented by the owner, thinks his Son will not be killed but will be well received. This would contradict the truth that God sent the Son precisely to die (John 10:18; Isaiah 53:10).

So someone... Continue Reading

Learning from Flawed Faith

David Mathis

The book of Judges—what a mess! It starts bad and gets worse and worse, then ends so poorly that it’s awkward to read in public.

Yet God put it in the Book and means it to be for “our instruction” (1 Corinthians 10:11; Romans 15:4). The author of Hebrews even goes so far as to mention Gideon, Barak, Samson, and Jephthah in his faith hall of fame (Hebrews 11:32). What are we to do with this?

Tremper Longman and Ray Dillard help us see how Judges is profitable for teaching, for... Continue Reading

John Piper’s Personal Tribute to the Late Ralph Winter

John Piper

At 9:05 PM, May 20, 2009 Ralph Winter, the founder of the U. S. Center for World Mission died.

Nobody in the area of missions had a greater impact on me. Others had a greater impact on me in the area of missions, like Jonathan Edwards, but no one actually in missions affected me more than Ralph Winter.

First, he was a professor of mine at Fuller Seminary and introduced me to the stunning works of God in missions in the last two hundred years. His vision... Continue Reading

She's Dying

Jon Bloom

Rachel Barkey is a 37 year-old wife and mother of two who is dying of cancer. She only has weeks to live.

On March 4, she addressed 600 women and in 55 minutes delivered one of the most God-centered, gospel-soaked, honest, moving, and beautiful messages I have heard. I don’t know that Rachel has read John’s article, Don’t Waste Your Cancer, but she is a beautiful example of every point John made.

Check out Rachel’s website where you can watch or download the video and audio. You will not regret... Continue Reading

Senior Director at Desiring God Queries President Obama

John Piper

I am profoundly grateful that God has brought to Desiring God a team of directors and senior directors who are radically devoted to the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ. They are Christ-exalting, courageous, kind, and creative.

One of them is John Knight, Senior Director for Development. He read President Obama’s speech at Notre Dame and has a few questions for the President. John is concerned about... Continue Reading

Good Breeze from a Fundamentalist Neighbor

John Piper

I would like to encourage all fundamentalists and former fundamentalists to feel a good breeze from the fevered landscape of controversy. It’s from an article by Kevin Bauder, the president of Central Baptist Theological Seminary, across town from us here in Minneapolis.

If you are a younger fundamentalist and hope to stay one and be a good one, read this.

If you think you are not a fundamentalist and wonder what the best ones are like, read this.

If you read John... Continue Reading

No, Mr. President. Killing Is Killing No Matter What We Call It

John Piper

It's a magnificent thing: The only newly-originating life in the universe that comes in the image of God is Man. The only newly-originating life in the universe that lasts forever is Man.

This is an awesome thing.

And, as everyone knows, that reverence is not shared by our new President, over whom we have rejoiced.

He is trapped and blind in a culture of deceit. On the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, he released this statement,

We are reminded that... Continue Reading