Joseph's Painful Decision

Jon Bloom

Mary wasn’t herself. Joseph had sensed some urgency in her request that he meet her at “their” tree. She was staring at the ground. She seemed burdened.

“Mary, is something wrong?”

She looked up at him intensely. “Joseph… I’m pregnant.”

A blast of shock and disbelief hit him, blowing away all his coherent thoughts for a moment. His legs quavered. He grabbed at the tree to steady himself. It felt solid, rooted.

He stared at her. He was numb. No words came. Everything seemed surreal.

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God Isn't Grateful

John Piper

It is good news that we will never be thanked by God.

Not thanking us is a form of love.

We need to adjust our expectations of what it feels like to be loved by God compared to what it feels like to be loved by men.

Happy Birthday, Abraham

John Piper

(I made Abraham post this.)

Happy birthday, Abraham Piper. Thanks for all your work on the DG web site.

From the looks of it having a little one makes you happier than being a little one.

5-year-old AbrahamAbraham, 2008

I suppose that’s what Jesus said: It is more blessed to give (which is what parents do) than to receive (which is what little ones do).

In both cases you have made one dad very glad, namely, me.

I love you.

Pursue Mature Manhood and Womanhood

John Piper

I took a few days recently to put my sermons on Ruth into a small book that may be called A Sweet and Bitter Providence. One of the spillovers from that effort was a renewed sense of how much we need great stories that embody great truths.

Ruth and Boaz is a great love story. When a story is permeated with Godand his vision of life, we get to watch truth happen. The beauty oftruth is not explained to us. It is lived before us.

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Prostitutes Go in Before Priests

John Piper

The last reference to John the Baptist in our four Gospels is in the final week of Jesus’ life. Jesus mentioned him to explain this astonishing statement to the chief priests and elders:

Truly , I say to you, the tax collectors and the prostitutes go into the kingdom of God before you. (Matthew 21:31)

How in the world can a prostitute enter heaven before a priest?

Jesus explains:

For John came to you in the way of righteousness, and you did not believe him, but the tax... Continue Reading

John Milton's 400th Birthday

John Piper

Today is the 400th anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest English poets, John Milton (December 9, 1608 – November 8, 1674).

His greatest work, the epic poem Paradise Lost, was dictated between 1658 and 1664. He had become totally blind by 1654.

It begins with this prayer (to the Holy Spirit?), and covers the sweep of history from Adam to Christ:

Of Man’s First Disobedience, and the Fruit
Of that Forbidden Tree, whose mortal taste
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A Season to Look Back and Ahead

Noel Piper

We are a people of promise. For centuries, God prepared people for the coming of his Son, our only hope for life. At Christmas we celebrate the fulfillment of the promises God made—that he would give a way to draw near to him.

Advent is what we call the season leading up to Christmas. It begins four Sundays before December 25. The first Advent Sunday this year was November 30. For four weeks, it’s as if we’re re-enacting, remembering, the thousands of years God’s people were... Continue Reading

A Glimpse of a Pain-Free Life

John Piper

Here is a three-second experience that might encourage you.

I was sitting at my desk slowly reading and praying over Job 29 and 30. The thought came over me that at this moment I am pain-free. In fact, I feel very good. I feel warm and content. Almost cozy. As if in a blanket by a fire on a cold evening with a good book and a friend.

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Why Is John Piper on the Planet?

John Piper

I gave a presentation at the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS)meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, last month titled "Why God Is Not aMegalomaniac in Demanding to Be Worshiped."

It is probably the shortest public presentation I have made in the last 20years! The reason is that I wanted to leave time for questions andcriticism. So more than 25 of the 45 minutes allotted to me was Q&A. Ifwe can get the audio recording, we will post it.

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Writing Religion Out of Our History

John Piper

The new Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, which is now where every visitor will arrive to see the nation’s Capitol, opened yesterday with 580,000 square feet of displays and $621,000,000 worth of history, but no God.

In what appears to be an intentional misrepresentation of the nation’s religious roots, visitors will enter the center reading a large engraving:

We have built no temple but the Capitol. We consult no common oracle but the Constitution.

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