She's Dying

Jon Bloom

Rachel Barkey is a 37 year-old wife and mother of two who is dying of cancer. She only has weeks to live.

On March 4, she addressed 600 women and in 55 minutes delivered one of the most God-centered, gospel-soaked, honest, moving, and beautiful messages I have heard. I don’t know that Rachel has read John’s article, Don’t Waste Your Cancer, but she is a beautiful example of every…

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Senior Director at Desiring God Queries President Obama

John Piper

I am profoundly grateful that God has brought to Desiring God a team of directors and senior directors who are radically devoted to the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ. They are Christ-exalting, courageous, kind, and creative.

One of them is John Knight, Senior Director for Development. He read President Obama’s speech at Notre Dame and has a few questions for…

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Good Breeze from a Fundamentalist Neighbor

John Piper

I would like to encourage all fundamentalists and former fundamentalists to feel a good breeze from the fevered landscape of controversy. It’s from an article by Kevin Bauder, the president of Central Baptist Theological Seminary, across town from us here in Minneapolis.

If you are a younger fundamentalist and hope to stay one and be a good one, read this.

If you think you are not a fundamentalist and wonder…

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No, Mr. President. Killing Is Killing No Matter What We Call It

John Piper

It's a magnificent thing: The only newly-originating life in the universe that comes in the image of God is Man. The only newly-originating life in the universe that lasts forever is Man.

This is an awesome thing.

And, as everyone knows, that reverence is not shared by our new President, over whom we have rejoiced.

He is trapped and blind in a culture of deceit. On the 36th anniversary of…

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What I Mean by Preaching

John Piper

The following is from the intro to last weekend's sermon.

Some of you may have little or no experience with what I mean by preaching. I think it will help you listen to my messages if I say a word about it.

What I mean by preaching is expository exultation.

Preaching Is Expository

Expository means that preaching aims to exposit, or explain and apply, the meaning of the…

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Emotions and the Aim of Preaching

John Piper

Here is one of the most insightful and influential quotes on preaching I ever read. It’s from Jonathan Edwards:

I don't think ministers are to be blamed for raising the affections of their hearers too high, if that which they are affected with be only that which is worthy of affection, and their affections are not raised beyond a proportion to their importance, or worthiness of affection.

I should think…

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The Weight of Generations: For Noël on Mother’s Day

John Piper

You bear them yet, this progeny,
     These little ones you bore.
And, oh, how changed your mothering
     Since you were twenty-four.

You once were carried on the wings
     Of hope and expectations,
And now you carry in your soul
     The weight of generations.

But you have learned whose back can bear
     The heaviness of years,
And I have seen you load his back,
     And soak his robes with tears.


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