A Word of Thanks for Dick Turnwall

John Piper

I just got word that Dick Turnwall went to be with Jesus yesterday. I want to give public thanks for a life-directing influence he had on me.

Dick was the Executive Minister of the Minnesota Baptist Conference in 1979 when, on October 14, in the wee hours of the morning, God rocked my world. Soon after midnight, there was no turning back. There arose in my soul a deeply settled conviction that God was calling me to leave academia (teaching at Bethel College) and pursue... Continue Reading

Ordinary Life with Gospel Intentionality

David Mathis

Total Church book coverA pair of Brits have a provocative book appearing in the States this month. Tim Chester and Steve Timmis published Total Church in the UK last year, and enough readers here have found it helpful to prompt Crossway Books and Mark Driscoll’s Resurgence ministry to pick up the title in the Re:Lit series. You can watch Tim Chester introduce the book at Crossway's blog.

Chester’s and Timmis’s refrain for what they are advocating in the book is “ordinary life with gospel... Continue Reading

Preparing for Sudden Suffering

John Piper

Recently I wrote that we seldom know the micro reasons for our sufferings, but the Bible does give us faith-sustaining macro reasons. It is good to have a way to remember some of these so that when we are suddenly afflicted, or have a chance to help others in their affliction, we can recall some of the truths God has given us to help us not lose hope.

Here is one way to remember. Five R’s (or if it helps, just pick three and try to remember them). The macro purposes of God in... Continue Reading

Five Years Together Today

John Piper

Happy fifth anniversary Molly and Abraham!

You have brought great joy in to our lives. We pray that the next five years will be full of faith and fruitful fellowship with Jesus, and each other.

Count on our support.

We love you,

Daddy and Mom

Why I Pray for the Economy

Matt Perman

I pray for the economy at all times, not just times of crisis, because as Christians we are to wish for and seek the welfare of others. There are few things that have more impact on the welfare of large groups of people, in the physical sense, than the state of the economy. Therefore, I believe that the command to “love your neighbor” implies that we desire, seek, and pray for the welfare of the economy.

A healthy economy serves people in multiple ways. Here are two.

First, it is... Continue Reading

DG Crosses the Bridge

Desiring God Staff

Several of us from DG were in one of the first cars to cross the new 35W bridge this morning. And all it took was getting up at 4 AM and then waiting for a little while.

At first when I told Mike Tong, our Customer Service Manager, that I wanted to be there for the opening, he thought I was crazy. But he came around pretty quick. David Mathis, my dad's assistant, was eager to join us. Then, at the last minute, Peter Melling, our IT guy, and his wife Jessica showed up.

So we all packed... Continue Reading

The Opening of the I-35W Bridge

John Piper
The Opening of the I-35W Bridge

A Tribute to Flatiron Constructors and Their Maker

Today in Minneapolis the I-35W Bridge opened at 5 AM, one year and 48 days since it collapsed into the Mississippi River at rush hour (6:05 PM) on August 1, 2007. There are more reasons here to give thanks to God than meet the eye.

From the vantage point of one year later we may offer God several kinds of gratitude that were hard to express last year. Without minimizing the massive pain to the families of those who died,... Continue Reading

In Honor of Tethered Preaching

John Piper

The Bible tethers us to reality. We are not free to think and speakwhatever might enter our minds or what might be pleasing to any givenaudience—except God.

By personal calling and Scripture, I am bound to the word of God andto the preaching of what the Bible says. There are few things thatburden me more or refresh me more than saying what I see in the Bible.I love to see what God says in the Bible. I love to savor it. And Ilove to say it.

I believe with all my heart that this... Continue Reading

All God's "Musts" Require Trust

Jon Bloom

In reading through the Book of Revelation recently, by the time I got to the end of chapter 19, the wars, rebellion, suffering, death and judgments were almost overwhelming. Oh how I wanted Jesus to wrap everything up and fully bring his kingdom of righteousness and justice and peace.

Finally, in the first three verses of chapter 20, Satan is bound with a chain and tossed into the pit so that he might not deceive the nations any longer.

I wanted to jump out of my seat and cheer... Continue Reading

The Birmingham Church Bombing

John Piper

Birmingham Church BombingToday, 45 years ago, four little black girls were killed in the Birmingham church bombing.

Those were the days when black people could buy things at the stores, but they couldn’t use the restrooms, or sit at the lunch counters, or get a job at the cash register behind the counter, or drink from the push button drinking fountain. The ubiquitous signs said, “Whites Only.”

This was the South I grew up in. So I pause to think about it again. And pray and thank God for mercy.

In... Continue Reading