If You Can’t Defeat ’em, Distort ’em

John Piper

Sometimes scholarship rivals politics for warped renderings of the opponent. Consider this from Etienne Gilson, a Roman Catholic historian of philosophy:

For the first time, with the Reformation, there appeared this conception of a grace that saved a man without changing him, of a justice that redeems corrupted nature without restoring it, of a Christ who pardons the sinner for self-inflicted wounds but does not heal them. (The Spirit of Medieval Philosophy, 421)

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A Birthday Gift to My Father on His 89th Birthday

John Piper

Today is my father’s 89th birthday. He’s been in heaven for ten months.But I can’t shake the thought that I should keep giving him gifts.Perhaps it would be an honor to him to let him speak as his birthdaypasses by.

Here is what I think he would like to say about two things we standfor at Bethlehem: 1) God’s command that we hallow (sanctify) God, whichwe talked about in the message on December 30; and 2) God’s commandthat we be happy in him...

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Listen If You Want to Be Heard


One of my Muslim friends was offended recently. Two Jehovah’s Witnesses had visited his family a few times and had spent hours telling his family about their religious group and their views.

In return, my friend’s family offered to give the women information about Islam. The two women agreed to come back and learn more. My friend and his family put a great deal of time and effort into collecting useful information for them.

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Best Thing About the Conference

John Piper


It's hard to say what my favorite part of the pastors conference is.

I love the singing. I love to hear 1300 men sing at the top of their lungs about the greatest reality in the universe. So that's a big one. But I don't think that's the biggest.

Probably my favorite part is sitting with the other pastors under the preaching of the word of God around some great theme and growing in it myself.

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Pray Global Prayers

John Piper

May I encourage you to build a global dimension into your daily prayers? “Grant that your name be hallowed. Grant that your kingdom would come. Grant that your will would be done on earth as it is in heaven.” These are global prayers—with personal implications. Both kinds of prayer are good: specific, local, personal prayers, and general, global, sweeping prayers for the church and the nations.

Here is the way I keep the world in my prayers. I use the Online Operation World. I keep it... Continue Reading

Money vs. Truth

John Piper

James Henley Thornwell, the Southern Presbyterian theologian who died in 1862, got somethings very wrong, like slavery. But this he got right and it is amazingly up to date:

Our whole system of operations gives an undue influence to money. Where money is the great want, numbers must be sought; and where an ambition for numbers prevails, doctrinal purity must be sacrificed. The root of the evil is the secular spirit of our ecclesiastical institutions. What we want is a spiritual body; a... Continue Reading

Rallying for a Different Hope

John Piper

Eric Redmond, pastor of Hillcrest Baptist in Temple Hills, MD, helps us see the lay of the land in the African-American church by doing two things.

  • He celebrates Anthony Carter’s and Thabiti Anyabwile’s books as rallying points for a different hope than the black mega-churches offer (giving credit also to Carl Ellis, Bruce Fields, Ken Jones, and Wy Plummer).
  • And He points us to a paper he wrote in 2006, “Megachurches and Megaphones,” where he describes what he sees as the... Continue Reading

What's the Pastors Conference Like?

John Piper


The target audience for our pastors conference is church leaders. We call it a conference for pastors, but in the small print it is for church leaders. We don't make anybody show their credentials at the door.

Our goal is to encourage pastors. The way we go about encouraging them and strengthening their hands to press on in the work is by focusing on theological issues rather than how-to issues. It's not a conference mainly on how to do church. It is mainly a... Continue Reading

What Will the Final Judgment Mean for You?

John Piper

I am writing this on New Year’s Eve. The ending of 2007 moves my mind to other endings—like the final judgment. Ponder with me, if you wish, what it will be like to go through the last great judgment. It is good to settle in our minds what it will be like. If we could see it clearly, it would make those who trust Christ the happiest and bravest people in 2008.

I do believe we will all face a final judgment with the rest of the world. “We will all stand before the... Continue Reading

10 Resolutions for Mental Health

John Piper
10 Resolutions for Mental Health

On October 22, 1976, Clyde Kilby, who is now with Christ in Heaven, gave an unforgettable lecture. I went to hear him that night because I loved him. He had been one of my professors in English Literature at Wheaton College. He opened my eyes to more of life than I knew could be seen. O, what eyes he had! He was like his hero, C. S. Lewis, in this regard. When he spoke of the tree he saw on the way to class this morning, you wondered why you had been so blind all your life.... Continue Reading