For Noël on Our 39th Anniversary

John Piper

Noël and I mark our 39th wedding anniversary today. As you can see from the pictures, some things change. As you can see from the poem, some things don’t.

John and Noel in 1968John and Noel now

None But You

For Noël on our 39th Wedding Anniversary

Whose lips have mine with kisses met?
None but yours, no, none but yours.
Whose kisses can I not forget?
None but yours, no, none but yours.

Whose arms have wound…

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One Reason to Give Is to Get

Desiring God Staff

I’m a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas time gift giving. Sometimes I feel like if you’re going to spend $25 on me and I’m going to spend $25 on you, then let’s just do nothing and call it even, save the effort.

But when it comes to my wife, it’s a different story. I love buying presents for her, because I think I know exactly what’ll…

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Thank God for John Newton

John Piper

Today is the 200th anniversary of John Newton’s death.

  • John Newton wrote the hymn ‘Amazing Grace.” (The words, not the music.)
  • He counseled William Wilberforce to stay in politics to fight the slave trade.
  • He never gave up on the suicidal William Cowper who gave us “There Is A Fountain Filled with Blood” and “God Moves in a Mysterious Way” and “O For a Closer Walk with God.”
  • He partnered…
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“From His Fullness We Have All Received Grace upon Grace”

John Piper

Just before the first service at the north campus last Sunday, the little band of praying saints was hard at work fighting for the faith of our people and for the churches of the Twin Cities and for the nations as they prayed. At one point Jim Tomaszewski prayed the words of John 1:14-16:

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory…

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This Week's Advent Poem

John Piper

In my final Advent Poem on Nicodemus, I concluded with lines about Christian courage in the face of the Colorado shootings:

So, Bethlehem, with candle three,
Are you afraid? Or are you free?
Do Christian-killers in the news
Make you a slave? Or do you choose
With Christ that they will make you brave?
What do you fear the most? The grave?
Did Jesus die and rise for this?

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Trust Promises, Not Providences

Jon Bloom

This morning my assistant, Bryan DeWire, found out his father, who 24 hours ago seemed in fine health, didn’t make it through emergency heart surgery. This afternoon, my wife called me in tears to update me on a very difficult day trying to raise and teach 5 young children. Very different, yet real and painful experiences of God’s providential reign in lives of Christians I love.

Also this morning I…

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Rest in the Final Hour

John Piper

The likelihood of dying because you are a Christian is closer than it used to be for Americans. The freedom from such threats has generally existed in this country for a tiny portion of history (about 400 years). We have gotten used to it. It seems like the way things must be. So our first reaction to the threat that things might be otherwise is often anger.

But that anger…

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Does Heaven Destroy Liberty?

John Piper

As long as I am lingering over the value of Jonathan Edwards’ essay on the Divine Decrees, here is one more quote that is worthy of extended biblical reflection. It comes from Section 19.

Objectors may say, God cannot always prevent men’s sins, unless he act contrary to the free nature of the subject, or without destroying men’s liberty. But will they deny, that an omnipotent and infinitely wise
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Newly Published Edwards' Essay

John Piper

Oshea Davis just published in a self-standing volume (for the first time that I am aware of ) Jonathan Edwards’ Dissertation Concerning the Divine Decrees in General and Election in Particular. I am thankful for this service to the church. This 75 -page essay (in Davis’s work) proved enormously helpful to me along the way in my thinking about God’s sovereignty.

Here is one excerpt from that essay (quoted…

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