A Call to Christology

David Mathis

Jesus’ person and his gospel-work for sinners have been joined together by God himself. And what God has joined together, let no man separate.

Assault on Christ’s person is an assault on the gospel. A compromised Christology inevitably will wreck…

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Poem for Felicity

Tyler Kenney

After my first day of work at DG, Abraham and Molly had me over for dinner. I remember asking then--since Molly was already showing--what their daughter's name would be. Their reply was a gentle rejection. They had resolved to tell…

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Felicity Margaret Piper

John Piper

In the hopes that you will pray for us, I’ll give you the news about Abraham’s daughter. Abraham is my son who serves as the Web Content Manager for Desiring God. He and Molly were expecting their second child on…

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