Meet the Miracle Next to You This Morning

Marshall Segal

God gave me you to be my miracle.

That’s the banner over our relationships in the church. God performs the miracle of our growth in godliness through people — Holy-Spirit-filled people in our lives and churches.

These are the people sitting next to you in corporate worship this morning. Maybe another morning with the same people at the same building on the same day of the week begins feeling ordinary…

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20 Quotes from the Gospel Transformation Bible

Tony Reinke

In about a week, Crossway releases the ESV Gospel Transformation Bible.

Created and edited by Bryan Chapell and Dane Ortlund, the new study Bible is filled with valuable notes from fifty contributors with the overall aim of helping students of Scripture read the Bible under the glorious light of Christ’s death and resurrection.

As the title indicates, the aim is personal transformation through gospel-centered motivation. And to give you…

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Six Benefits of Ordinary Daily Devotions

Jon Bloom

Private devotions aren’t magic. We know that (for the most part).

But still, we can be tempted to think that if we just figure out the secret formula — the right mixture of Bible meditation and prayer — we will experience euphoric moments of rapturous communion with the Lord. And if that doesn’t happen, our formula must be wrong.

The danger of this misconception is that it can produce chronic…

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God Will Not Let You Go

Marshall Segal

Relentless. That is pastor Leonce Crump’s one word for the love of God for sinners.

He has met this relentless Savior again and again on his journey from part-time Catholic to gospel-loving pastor. In this three-minute video, he tells us why God loves his children no matter what. “I am rescued by God. Restored by God. Renewed by God,” Crump says. “He is absolutely relentless in his pursuit of those…

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Grace Gone Wild

David Mathis

Grace is on the loose.

Contrary to our expectations, counter to our assumptions, frustrating our judicial sentiments, mocking our craving for control, the grace of God is turning the world upside down. He is shamelessly pouring out his lavish favor on undeserving sinners of all stripes, and thoroughly stripping away our self-sufficiency.

Primeval and Unbridled

Grace has been on the move since before creation, roaming wild and free. Even before…

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Adoption Is Bigger Than You Think

Dan Cruver

Adoption is greater than the universe.

So says John Piper, and as sweeping as the statement may sound, it is absolutely true. Because the eternal communion of our triune God is behind, beneath, beside, and above the universe and is the ultimate reason and cause for our adoption.

The Love Story of the Universe

The eternal story of the infinite reciprocal love that the three Persons of the Trinity…

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For the Church, by the Church

Tony Reinke

Local churches face the challenge of training Christians for local ministry and developing new leaders, but with limited resources.

Stepping up to help is the Porterbrook Network, a global theological training ministry based in the United Kingdom and founded by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis. Both men are seasoned authors, church planters, and pastors; and Timmis serves as the Director of Acts 29 Europe.

The Porterbrook Network has developed a…

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We Really Need the Gospel

Christina Fox

Someone asked me recently, “If you could say one thing to women, what would it be?” My response was, “You need the gospel more than you think you do.” This sounds rather trite, like something we’ve heard over and over before. But it’s the truth.

It took motherhood for me to realize just how much I need the gospel. Before I had children, the gospel was like viewing a tower…

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C.S. Lewis: The Dinosaur, the Parthenon, and the Optative

John Piper

Being a self-confessed dinosaur in the world of modern instincts, C.S. Lewis was, and is, therefore, refreshingly relevant. Already in 1944, his views on education were so well rooted in reason and experience that they were wonderfully out of date.

When I wrote last week on the glory of work, I had today’s blog post in mind. I thought: If I could ignite in you a love for the…

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The Cost of Love and the Power of Pleasure

Marshall Segal

LYNCHBURG, VA — Imagine what God may be pleased to do throughout the world over the next 50 years with the lives of 10,000 college students in love with Jesus and aimed at the nations.

John Piper addressed such a hungry crowd this morning at a convocation at Liberty University. He was asked to speak for their twice-annual missions week, which was established to inspire and mobilize minds and hearts…

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