Leaving Behind Our Little Comforts

Stacy Reaoch

Recently my dear friend Sarah took a courageous step of faith.

She, her husband, and their three young children packed all their belongings in ten suitcases, boarded a plane for the Middle East, and set off to start a new life ministering in a Muslim country.

Already they have faced many unknowns that would drive most of us into a tizzy — such as how they will school their kids,…

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Freed to Make Jesus Famous

Brandon Smith

In the months leading up to my daughter’s birth, I contemplated what it would be like to raise a child. I thought, if I can barely remember to put deodorant on in the mornings, how could I possibly steward another life? More importantly, how will I lead her to cherish Jesus? What if she one day rejects the gospel?

I felt the enormous weight of Deuteronomy 6 where God commands…

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Finding Joy in the Everyday

Marshall Segal

The Tuesday after a long holiday weekend may feel like the epitome of the mundane. It’s easy to sense joy in Labor Day’s food, friends, and freedom. It’s much harder to find it returning to the ruthless routine of work and school and family.

Unless your joy is in Jesus.

In this two-and-a-half-minute video, pastor Jeff Vanderstelt uncovers some keys to rediscovering joy each day, in the everyday things of…

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The Strange and Wonderful Miracle of Feeling Loved by God

John Piper

One thing I am sure of intuitively: God’s ways are higher than my ways. Which means: If he reveals through the Bible his ways of loving me, they will certainly be jarring.

The ease with which the human race presumes to tell God how he should love is breathtaking. There is only one way to know how God loves me: Listen to what he tells me, and believe him.


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Even If You Labor “for Nought”

John Piper

Discouragement comes in many forms. So our weapons must be varied.

Before I accepted the call to become a pastor 33 years ago, my father wrote me a discouraging letter — a kind of warning about the pastorate. He gave me a long list of the discouragements, pitfalls, and hardships of pastoral ministry. Later, when I accepted the call, he rejoiced with me and said that the letter was not…

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The Lordship of Jesus 100 Years Ago and Today

John Piper

Jesus Christ is Lord of the universe. Therefore, all the nations — the peoples — of the earth belong to him by right of creation and by right of his redemptive purpose on the cross.

By right of creation: “The earth is the Lᴏʀᴅ’s . . . the world and those who dwell therein, for he has founded it” (Psalm 24:1–2).

By right of redemptive purpose on the cross:…

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What Your Passions Say About You

Tony Reinke

Actions speak louder than words — but desires speak loudest.

The pursuit of pleasure is what drives all our actions and decisions, driving us into relationships, driving us to watch football, driving us toward excellence at work. We authentically pursue what we are convinced will bring us pleasure.

John Bunyan was a pastor who spent considerable time thinking about how pleasures operate in our lives. In one of his sermons…

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Drafted: Why Chris Norman Said No to the NFL

John Piper

I invite you to watch this moving 11-minute story of Michigan State linebacker Chris Norman.

Desiring God commissioned the video because God is at the center of the story, and because at one key point, God used Don’t Waste Your Life as part of his surprising plan for Chris’s life. Special thanks to hip-hop artists Flame and Shai Linne for their contributions to the soundtrack, and to Michigan State University…

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Tapestry: A Vision for Trans-Cultural Church

David Mathis

Leonce Crump describes the vision as “trans-cultural.” Not multi-cultural, but trans-cultural.

Crump pastors Renovation Church in Atlanta and has found the image of a tapestry to be helpful. The individual pieces are essential, but the whole is more beautiful than the parts. Says Crump, more important than being African-American is being a child of God.

In this five-minute video, Crump wonderfully articulates his trans-cultural vision, walking us through the…

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Spectacular Sins, Today and Yesterday

John Piper

When we published Spectacular Sins five years ago, sinning was not even then as spectacular as it is today. For example, that the history-long, ever-present heartache of same-sex desires in boys and girls and men and women should be celebrated as holy was not yet sanctioned by culture, court, chief, and church. Today it is. There are no words painful enough to lament this human ruin and divine dishonor.


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