Advice for Christian Artists

Jonathan Parnell

Max McLean encourages Christians in the arts to integrate their faith in every step they take. “Make your faith the source of your art,” he says.

In this short video he explains the passion and strategy behind his work and the production company he founded, Fellowship of Performing Arts. In short, his advice to Christian artists is 1) reflect Christian truth; 2) empathize with people of other worldviews; and 3)…

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Should We Tell Children to Love Jesus?

John Piper

Spurgeon was concerned about the emphasis of telling children to love Jesus rather than trust Jesus. He expressed it like this:

Many [distort the doctrine of justification by faith] when addressing children, and I notice that they generally speak to little ones about loving Jesus, and not upon believing him. This must leave a mischievous impression upon youthful minds and take them off from the true way of peace. (…

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New Poem: ‘Now Is An Age’

John Piper

Now Is An Age
On Reading John Donne’s Death, Be Not Proud

One night, as I sat reading 
    Before the fire, and casting
        Calm shadows on the door behind my chair,
    I saw the everlasting,
And all the world receding
         Here, and lodged this prayer:

“O God, all joy exceeding,
    O Christ, forever living,

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Not by Sight: Marking 20 Years of Happy Service

David Mathis

Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.

It was these words from Jesus in Luke 13 that the 42-year-old preacher took as his sermon title on June 5, 1988.

Little did he know, a 22-year-old newly-wed was in attendance at the church for the first time that Sunday morning, and before long would be putting a megaphone to the preacher’s mouth so that people far beyond the humble…

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Know This Dreadful Deformity of Your Soul — And Your Deliverance

John Piper

This is a lesson in self-knowledge for the sake of worship and righteousness.

Something terrible and profound happened to all humans when Adam sinned. All except Jesus, that is, “who knew no sin” (2 Corinthians 5:21). Something came into the world that had not been there before — something very powerful and very deadly in everyone of us.

But it was not exactly a “thing.” Yet it was more than…

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Is My Boyfriend’s Porn a Marriage Deal-Breaker? (Ask Pastor John)

Tony Reinke

We released ten new episodes in the past two weeks, and what follows are brief transcribed excerpts from each (click on the hyperlinked titles to listen).

As a brief programing note, during the month of July we will be releasing four new episodes each week (on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays).

Is My Boyfriend’s Porn a Marriage Deal-Breaker? (Episode 122):

Porn is destructive to a man’s capacities to love a…

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Thanking God with Piper, Chandler, and Storms

Tony Reinke

It’s now been three months since John Piper transitioned from the local-church pastorate to full-time “wider” ministry through Desiring God.

The church gathered on April 14 for an appreciation and recommissioning service for her beloved Pastor John. There Piper gave a few formal words of farewell, and he and the church heard charges from ministry friends Sam Storms and Matt Chandler. A written summary of the evening has been available

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Lay Aside the Weight of Restless Work

Jon Bloom

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)

July marks my 20th year working with John Piper and many precious colleagues in this mission of Desiring God. It is a privilege so great that it surpasses my power to comprehend it.

Twenty years. That’s a generation. When I began, I hadn’t been alive much more than twenty years. Now I’m…

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When So Much Is Against Us

John Knight

Do you ever forget how dark and cruel and lost you really were before the light of Jesus broke through? Is your first reaction to the sin in others anger? Or is it broken-hearted grief at the stench of death around them?

When I read Judy Nicastro’s opinion piece in The New York Times, “My Abortion, at 23 Weeks,” my first reaction, to be honest, was anger…

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20 Quotes from Finally Free

Tony Reinke

The following quotes were taken from Heath Lambert’s excellent forthcoming book, Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace (Zondervan; August 8), now available for pre-order.

“Every instance of treasuring images of sexual immorality in our hearts, every eager glance at pornography, all of our lustful gawking — everything — is paid for by Jesus in his death for sinners.” (21)

“The tide will begin to turn in…

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