What Does It Mean to Be Complementarian?

Andrea Froehlich

Being complementarian doesn’t mean believing that the man’s job is to fix the car and the woman’s is to wash the floor. It goes much deeper than a breakdown of jobs.

Christian complementarity is about the different roles of men and women that are meant to give us insight into the relationship between Jesus and his church. Mary Kassian explains in this two-minute video:

Recent videos from Mary Kassian:

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Five Reasons to Embrace Unconditional Election

John Piper

I use the word embrace because unconditional election is not just true, but precious. Of course, it can’t be precious if it’s not true. So that’s the biggest reason we embrace it. But let’s start with a definition:

Unconditional election is God’s free choice before creation, not based on foreseen faith, to which traitors he will grant faith and repentance, pardoning them, and adopting them into his everlasting family of

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New Course on Calvinism from John Piper

Jonathan Parnell

The Bible gives us a glorious vision of God’s sovereignty in saving sinners. “Calvinism” is a kind of nickname for this Christian body of doctrine on salvation that so appropriately humbles humanity and so magnificently exalts divine grace.

In a new eight-hour course on Calvinism, or “the doctrines of grace,” John Piper walks through the historical “five points,” digging into text after text of Scripture and responding to many of…

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Your Hope Is As Alive As Jesus

Marshall Segal

Hope can be a very dangerous thing. Your greatest wounds may be tied to unrealized dreams or unexpected disappointments. Unfortunately, the daily and worldly hopes we know in this life create some category confusion when it comes to our hope in Christ.

Peter’s first letter is written to Christians in conflict. Since following Jesus, they have not found the peace or safety or prosperity or relief that they might have…

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How Pervasive and Practical Is the Beauty of God?

John Piper

Nothing ugly is ever called glorious in the Bible. There is “great sin” (Genesis 20:9), but never “glorious sin.” The evil one has “cosmic power” (Ephesians 6:12), but not cosmic “glory.” The reason for this is that sin and evil are not beautiful. But glory includes beauty. Glory includes more, but never less. Nothing ugly is glorious.

Therefore, the beauty of God is as pervasive and practical as the glory…

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Simple Church Planting

David Mathis

It’s low-bar. It’s no frills. It’s a very simple model of planting, and challenges many of the prevailing notions about starting a new church.

You’d never have guessed that an academic dean and professor of Hebrew from a major seminary was behind it.

Miles Van Pelt has been in Jackson, Mississippi, for a decade. He teaches full-time at Reformed Theological Seminary. Over time, he and his family saw a need…

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Watch Your Mouth

Jon Bloom

It is humbling to remember that as Christians we are still vulnerable to Satan’s deception. One moment we can speak glorious truth and the next moment destructive, satanic words. We must be on our guard, something Peter learned the hard way. The following meditation is from Matthew 16:13–27.

Why Jesus had led his disciples up to Caesarea Philippi, they weren’t sure. At the foot of Mount Hermon, in the far…

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Patriotism and the Pilgrim

Tony Reinke

Today is July 4th — Independence Day here in the United States. And recently an Ask Pastor John podcast listener emailed to ask: “Pastor John, obviously, as Christians, we are to live as pilgrims on this earth. But is there an appropriate place in the Christian life for patriotism?”

Pastor John says “yes,” and explains why, in today’s episode:

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Born Again on the Fourth of July

David Mathis

For those of us in the States, the time is here again for our midsummer’s patriotic respite.

For many, the Fourth of July means parades and picnics, hot dogs and Coca-Cola, ice cream and apple pie, baseball and bombs bursting in air. In God’s good providence, the adoption of Jefferson’s Declaration in 1776 happened during one of the best weather weeks of the year in this hemisphere. And so for…

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