Living in the Valley—For Now

Jonathan Parnell
Living in the Valley—For Now

The Gospels tell us what happened to Jesus when he entered Jerusalem. It is the testimony of history’s most important event and we can hold it in our hands. It is the testimony of four God-inspired authors whose words we’ve read and celebrated this spring. And then there’s the Book of Psalms.

Like the Gospels, the Psalms give us a fascinating picture of the Savior. Psalm 22 especially stands out. Jesus quotes Psalm 22:1 on the cross and the whole narrative of his crucifixion... Continue Reading

Lust Battles, Facebook Fasts, Twitter Goals, and “Humble Brags”

Tony Reinke
Lust Battles, Facebook Fasts, Twitter Goals, and “Humble Brags”

Over the last two weeks on the Ask Pastor John podcast we talked a lot about social media, about goals for Twitter and fasting from Facebook. Pastor John also addressed creativity in communication, and the meaning and importance of Easter. We talked about the value of Bible commentaries written by women, a practical suggestion for battling lust, and how our works exceed the works of Jesus.

What follows is a list of episodes, along with quotes pulled... Continue Reading

The Good News in Jesus’s Beatitudes

R W Glenn
The Good News in Jesus’s Beatitudes

The New Testament is full of commands for us to obey. Full of them. The Sermon on the Mount is no exception. Something like sixty-six commands sound from Jesus’s mouth as he calls us as his people to live a life in step with the gospel.

The Beatitudes, Jesus’s introduction to the Sermon on the Mount, are a different story. There you’ll not find a single imperative. Not one.

  • Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
  • Blessed are those who mourn, for... Continue Reading

Lay Aside Every Weight

Jon Bloom

Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. (Hebrews 12:1)

Jesus has called you to run a race. It’s a faith race. It’s long-distance and multi-terrain.

And you’ve been trying to run but you’re wondering why it’s so hard. Why do you get winded so quickly? Why are others running at a faster pace? What’s wrong?

Could it be that you’re... Continue Reading

Behind the Blog: Great Transitions

Jonathan Parnell

From big reminders taped on the wall of a college dorm, to a big book by a 96-year-old theologian, to an interview with two big-league ball players, the latest episode from Behind the Blog pulls back the curtain on the recent happenings at

Among other exciting things, we talk about John Piper’s recent transition to the full-time staff and preview the speaker lineup for our conference this fall on C.S. Lewis.

Thanks for reading and listening. We value your... Continue Reading

Sexual Sin Is a Corporate Affair

Harry Schaumburg
Sexual Sin Is a Corporate Affair

When we take the gospel seriously we not only correctly understand the nature of sexual immorality, we must become proactive in taking corporate responsibility for the sexual maturity and sexual problems within our local church.

A well-known church received a stern letter in the spring of A.D. 54 when they failed grievously in this understanding and responsibility. As you know, that same letter sent to the Corinthians is written to us.

Imagine opening your email to find this... Continue Reading

The Amazing Calling of Being “Mom”

Trillia Newbell
The Amazing Calling of Being “Mom”

The other morning I woke up while my children were still sleeping and began to pray. I started thinking about my identity. What am I? Who am I? As I settled into my prayer time I began to rejoice at the thought that I am a mother. It is part of who I am. To my children it is my name: Mom.

The modern mom doesn’t always like to be identified as a mother. We are “liberated.” We have names and identities of much greater significance. Even the Christian mommy would prefer to keep... Continue Reading

Why Envy Is a Danger for the YRR

Joe Rigney
Why Envy Is a Danger for the YRR

And behold, I saw a white horse. Its rider’s name was Success, and Envy followed him.

Envy is a movement killer. And if you ask me, it is probably the fundamental danger facing the modest movement called Young, Restless Reformed (YRR) in the years ahead. Envy is a movement-killing sin precisely because it combines such deadly opposites. Envy is a gaping maw, a roaring lion seeking to devour, the relentless ache of the shriveled heart. At the same time, envy is a chameleon,... Continue Reading

Our Top 25 Videos This Year (So Far)

Stefan Green

The first signs of spring are here in Minneapolis. The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and Old Man Winter is packing his bags.

As we enter a new season, we thought we would pause and take a look back at the 25 videos you played the most in the first quarter of 2013.

We pray that these videos would encourage and bless you rain or shine, warm or cold. We’ll embed the top three and link to the others.

1. What Is Speaking in Tongues?

2. Lecrae Raps the Gospel in One Minute

3.... Continue Reading

First-Day Thoughts on Not Being a Pastor Anymore

John Piper
First-Day Thoughts on Not Being a Pastor Anymore

I’ve been thinking about how much I love finishing things. I get great pleasure in finishing — a poem, a sermon, a book, or cutting the grass, or fixing the dripping faucet, or selling our car. It’s hard for me to walk away from something half done.

But, of course, anything that takes longer than a day, you have to walk away from unfinished. You have to sleep. So it helps me to chop things up into finishable pieces — a stanza, a section, a chapter, the mower... Continue Reading