Ask Pastor John — Now for Android

Tyler Kenney

Update: Ask Pastor John is now available for Kindle Fire (and other Android devices) in the Amazon Appstore.

What’s the Christian way to think about marijuana, cussing, interracial marriage, the historical Adam, and homosexuality?

Listen to John Piper answer these and other tough pastoral and theological questions using the new Ask Pastor John app for Android. Similar to the iPhone app we released in March, this new app…

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How Jack Miller Saved My Life

R W Glenn

If you’re truly a Christian, God has no reservations about you whatsoever. None. Whatsoever.

This is a truth I learned — or rather, began to learn — from Jack Miller.

It happened in the fall of 2010, during my first sabbatical after 15 years in the pastorate. The wheels had really begun to come off my life and ministry. I had worked eighty-hour weeks for more than a decade. And…

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Moving Evangelicals Beyond Idolatry

R. C. Sproul

The central theme of Romans 1 concerns the general revelation that God makes of himself to the whole world. Paul labors the fact that the revelation of the gospel is to a world that is already under indictment for its universal rejection of God the Father. Christ came into a world that was populated by sinners. The most basic sin found in the world is that of idolatry.

Man is…

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Entertaining Pulpits and the Legacy of “Tethered Preaching”

David Mathis

Initially, it may be tough to tell the difference. A gifted Bible-expositor and an entertainment-oriented preacher, with a penchant for garnishing his ideas with some Bible, may not demonstrate much disparity at first.

But give it some time. And check the congregation over the long haul. It will make a world of difference.

Tethered to the Bible

John Piper coins a term in his short article “In Honor of

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Two Kinds of Regret, One Kind of Hope

Jon Bloom

What do you regret? That question can trigger some vivid memories. I don’t like to think about them. I wince as I remember things I wish I had never done—terrible, wounding words I spoke, confidences I betrayed, dark lusts I indulged.

We’re supposed to feel regret (feel sorry) for evil things we do. But not all regret is godly.

Judas and Peter both committed heinous sins on the same night.…

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How Are Women Fulfilled?

Andrea Froehlich

Do we really need to “have it all” to be fulfilled?

In this short video, Mary Kassian reminds us that we were created to be in relationship with God and it’s that relationship which affects everything else. Our ultimate fulfillment cannot be found “out there” in what we do, but in who we are in Christ.

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Prayer: We Get the Help, He Gets the Glory

John Piper

One of the unique things about God is that he displays his glory by helping rather than demanding help. “No eye has seen a God besides you, who works for those who wait for him” (Isaiah 64:4). “He is not served by human hands, as though he needed anything” (Acts 17:25). “He exalts himself to show mercy” (Isaiah 30:18).

This changes the way we pray.

When we ask him for…

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If You Don’t Know Jack

David Mathis

Perhaps you’re a verifiable lover of C.S. Lewis and his mere Christianity, his Narnia chronicles, his brilliant and diabolical missives from hell itself, and his unmatched blend of uncompromised heart and head.

Or maybe you’d consider him a casual acquaintance — you’ve read a few things here and there and often sensed his presence through his influence on others.

Or perhaps you’d admit you don’t know Jack at all.


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New eBook: Piper Celebrates the Influence of Lewis

Jonathan Parnell

We’re happy to announce the release of our latest ebook from John Piper, Alive to Wonder: Celebrating the Influence of C.S. Lewis. It includes a significant introduction from Piper, written for this project, with a collection of extended excerpts from his corpus where Lewis’s fingerprints are most vividly seen.

Piper calls it “the immeasurable moment” — that instance in reading when we come across a sentence or phrase that…

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