The Gospel of the Wall of Jericho

John Piper

Your wall, O wicked Jericho, your ancient, mighty wall,
         Your shame, where you have made your infants’ blood renowned,
                  Your boast, your monument, your Babel, tall
                           And endless on its side, bent ’round
                                    Into a ring, a thrust,
                                             Betrothing you…

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Why We Really Sleep In

Tony Reinke

Recent studies say hitting the snooze button is bad for our bodies. But studies won’t get us out of bed.

Elise Snickers was a college student pursuing a career in a psychology when she wrote a letter to 54-year-old C.S.…

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Five Back-to-School Basics

Marshall Segal

The beginning of August signals the beginning of back-to-school shopping, or at least back-to-school-shopping commercials. You may not know it, but whether you’re a freshman or senior, you’re going to need more than notebooks, pencils, and a strong book bag.

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