Future Grace, Baby!

Gloria Furman
Future Grace, Baby!

When I was pregnant with our first child it seemed like all of my related worries were shrouded in the mystery of the unknown. And now with our fourth child on the way, even in the midst of exuberant joy and thankfulness for this new life, worries creep into my imagination like looming, stone statues.

I can recall the physical challenge of carrying a baby while caring for my young children and serving my husband who struggles with chronic pain. I’m reminded of what labor feels like when I... Continue Reading

The Splendor of Holiness: Upcoming Children’s Conference

Jon Bloom

We know from Romans 6 that from the early days of the church there has existed a temptation to distort this gospel of God’s grace by deemphasizing God’s holiness. Which is tragic. It’s precisely God’s holiness that makes his grace toward us sinners so amazing! Understanding the doctrine of God’s holiness is absolutely essential if we are to rightly understand the doctrine of God’s grace and the miracle of sanctification.

This is what the Children... Continue Reading

Don’t Feel Qualified for Your Calling?

Jon Bloom

For the first forty years of his life, Moses lived in a place of strength. As a member of Pharaoh’s household he had social prestige, wealth (Hebrews 11:26), and youthful strength. When he became aware of and troubled by his peoples’ oppression he used this strength to exact vigilante justice on an oppressive Egyptian. That wasn’t God’s plan for deliverance. He had to flee for his life and ended up tending livestock in the quiet fields of Midian for his second forty... Continue Reading

Behind the Blog: Recent Catch-Ups

Jonathan Parnell

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There’s lots of activity this week at the desiringGod.org offices, even with the single-digit temperatures in Minneapolis. With a team of web designers here to work on a site redesign, the content team sat down to talk about recent articles on the blog, the latest podcast episodes, and a new app under construction, among other things.

Listen to this 20-minute podcast.

Mentioned in this episode:

Citizens of Heaven

Rachel Pieh Jones
Citizens of Heaven

I spent a lot of my early years in Africa trying to create a home for my family. When packing, I agonized over how much of America to stuff into Ziplock baggies. I packed shoes in five sizes for the kids to grow into and rolled packets of taco seasoning inside the toes to save space. I thought about holidays and recipes and music and toys and books.

But then we left. Evacuated in 30 minutes with one suitcase and a backpack. Three months and two countries later, we tried to establish a... Continue Reading

The Seamless Garment of Christian Mission

David Mathis
The Seamless Garment of Christian Mission

The tension in the air can feel thick enough to cut with a knife. It escalates to all-out war in some churches —the battle between living local and going global.

With limited time and resources and energy in any given context, it can feel like local mission and global missions are constantly vying for attention, competing articles rather than one seamless garment.

On one side, we see the needs around us in our city and feel deeply that proximity implies... Continue Reading

Hospitality on Mission

Tony Reinke
Hospitality on Mission

Rosaria Champagne Butterfield shared her unlikely conversion story with us on the previous Authors on the Line podcast. We might have expected a Pauline conversion experience — perhaps a flash of light or an audible voice from heaven — but nothing of the sort happened. Rather, her conversion came through a series of ordinary means: a caring pastor in the area, a Bible, a copy of Calvin’s Institutes, and simple hospitality.

In this episode, we explore the role hospitality played in her... Continue Reading

How Much Is Left to Do in the Great Commission?

John Piper
How Much Is Left to Do in the Great Commission?

We should be dumbfounded at how doable the remaining task of world missions is. Before I show this, let’s clarify some definitions.

Missions is not the same as evangelism. Evangelism is sharing the gospel with any unbelievers, and that work will never be done till Jesus comes.

Missions, on the other hand, relates to people groups, not just people, and the number is finite and relatively stable — like the “every people, tongue, tribe, and nation” of Revelation... Continue Reading

Help Save the Ones Around You

John Knight

Recently a healthy young woman went to see her doctor for a prenatal checkup on her baby girl. She had named her Madison.

Then she went to an abortion clinic to end her daughter’s life.

Four days later, this mom died from complications related to that abortion.

That child went from being wanted — a beloved girl named Madison — to being terminated — one more slaughtered baby in our culture of death.

Why? They found out Madison had fetal anomalies.

Hearing that news as a parent is... Continue Reading