Ten Big, Daily Reminders

Matt Reagan

I wake up lost every morning. At least that’s what it feels like. Perhaps something similar is true of you.

Somehow during the night I’ve forgotten the big realities about God and the universe and myself and the gospel. I desperately need to steady myself with biblical truth rather than stumbling forward to live from unbelief.

I tend to forget the big realities during the day as well. I regularly…

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Young, Restless, and Reformed — Five Years Later

Tony Reinke

Five years ago this month journalist Collin Hansen published his first book: Young, Restless, Reformed: A Journalist’s Journey with the New Calvinists (Crossway, 2008). True to its title, the book is a travelogue of Collin’s journey across the country documenting a surging movement called New Calvinism by some, and Young, Restless and Reformed (YRR) by others, a title he coined himself. Collin’s hunches about the new movement were confirmed in…

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A Vision for Holy Week

John Piper

Word pictures have power to put familiar wonders back where they belong — in the heart of worship. Isaiah pictured the Messiah as so tender he would not break a bruised reed or quench a smoldering wick (Isaiah 42:3). Yet he will be so mighty that he will bring justice to victory over all the evil of the world (Isaiah 42:1, 3).

Some years ago God wakened a word picture…

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9 Reasons You Can Face Anything

Jonathan Parnell

God’s sovereignty is a precious reality.

Now chances are this truth didn’t seem too precious when it first confronted you. The natural, fallen response to hearing we aren’t the ones in control is to white-knuckle our will and refuse to bow. Humans tend to like the idea that we are the captains of our own destinies. Motivational glib like that will pack out self-help seminars. But sooner or later, and…

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Dude, Watch Your Jargon

Jonathan Parnell

Here we go again.

Have you ever thought that at the beginning of a story you’ve heard several times before? Once the person starts talking you know exactly where they’re going. You’ve heard it before. You get it. Here we go again.

It’s interesting how this sort of thing especially happens in marriage. Husbands and wives do a lot of talking and before long they know each other’s best stuff.…

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The Mission of Saint Patrick

David Mathis

Don’t forget to wear your green today. It’s Saint Patrick’s Day.

Before thumbing your nose at all the carousing and empty revelry that much of the day has become, it’s worth taking at least a brief glance at the inspiring Christian origin of, and missional impulse behind, what we now mark as Saint Patty’s.

While the day has become a celebration of all things Irish, the original feast was about…

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The Day God Disciplined John Piper with a Kiss

Tony Reinke

I know God disciplines me, because the Bible tells me so, but how do I know when I am personally experiencing God’s discipline for my sin?

This question surfaced this week on the Ask Pastor John podcast. In part of his answer, Pastor John said this:

Here is one of the most remarkable things about God’s ordaining hard things in our lives in a disciplinary way. Jesus was disciplined …

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What to Do When You Can’t See Straight

Gloria Furman

Some mornings when I wake up I can’t see straight. This doesn’t have anything to do with my glasses or contact lens.

I yawn, stretch, and shuffle into the kitchen for some coffee. By the time my bare feet hit the cold tiles I am fully awake and I can’t see straight.

Alas! Today is… Today. How am I going to make it through Today?

A flood of thoughts stir…

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Jesus Is Turning Your Shame into a Showcase of His Grace

Jon Bloom

You know that part of you that you really want others not to see — that stubborn weakness, humiliating failure, embarrassing illness, horrible past event, or present struggle with sin? There’s very good news for you in the story of the woman with a hemorrhage in Luke 8.

Jesus was now a reluctant celebrity. And a crowd was teeming around him as he made his way toward Jairus’s home to…

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