The Truth (About Abortion) Will Set You Free

John Piper

Facts help us grasp abortion in our communities. With the internet no one is innocently ignorant. Here are some facts from the Twin Cities to San Antonio. There are no grizzly pictures here. But there are some miracles. I won't show you what the babies look like after they are killed, but before.

Start with the on-the-ground facts. There are five places to get elective abortions in the Twin Cities,…

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Encountering the Living Christ in Personal Devotions

Tony Reinke

This week we released episodes 24–28 in the Ask Pastor John podcast. In one of those new episodes we asked John Piper a question about personal Bible reading: must we come away from our Bible reading with a life application principle every time?

His answer was a resolute no.

Here’s part of what he said to explain why:

A godly life is lived out of a heart astonished at…

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What Christians Do About Modern-Day Slavery

Ben Reaoch

If you are a believer, be reminded that you were a slave. Jesus redeemed you from that slave master called sin. And he has given us freedom. Therefore, as freed slaves, we should have a heart for those who continue in bondage — whether spiritual or physical, and in many cases, it’s both. It should be our desire to continue in the path that Jesus set out for us in…

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A Weak Mother Is a Good Mother

Christine Hoover

If there is one thing I want to do well, it’s rearing my children to know God's voice and love his ways. But if there is one area that I feel most inadequate in, it's rearing my children to know God's voice and love his ways, and every other little thing I’m trying to teach them under this larger umbrella, whether it’s tying shoes or polite social interactions.

I panic…

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Your Sin Is No Match for God’s Grace

Jon Bloom

The old hymn says it beautifully: “Grace, grace, God’s grace; grace that is greater than all my sin.”

But the grace of God is not only great enough to “pardon and cleanse within.” It is so powerful, as Joseph’s older brothers learned in Genesis 45, that it can turn the most horrible sin you have ever committed against another, or has ever been committed against you, and make it the…

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Don’t Read the Puritans, Read Spurgeon!

Adrian Warnock

I must confess to having slightly overstated my point in the title of this post. I rejoice in the recent resurgence of interest in the Puritans, who have so much to teach us. Perhaps a better way to capture the thought propelling this post would be “Use Spurgeon to Create a Bridge to the World of the Puritans.” But that would make too long a title!

Spurgeon died just over…

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When an Earthly Husband Images Our Heavenly Groom

Luma Simms

Valentine’s Day is here. It’s a day when our society encourages couples to take the extra steps to show their love for one another. Give flowers. Give chocolates. Go out to dinner. Celebrate love.

Some of you reading this right now are lonely. Some have been abused or hurt deeply by a spouse. Some may be single without an earthly spouse. But all of us as Christians together have a heavenly husband, and oh how great is…

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A Valentine’s Lesson from a Husband Who Botched It

David Mathis

Alright, husbands, here we go. Today’s the big day. It’s time to muster our level best and not drop the ball on Valentine’s Day.

It’s not too late to make plans, or give them an upgrade — though it might be hard work scrambling at the last minute.

Even so, sometimes our best of Valentine’s intentions go awry. And when we botch it, at least we should try to learn…

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Biblical Counseling: God Changing Lives Through Ordinary People

David Mathis

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “biblical counseling”?

No doubt, many think of a movement that takes sin seriously. A growing number may call to mind a movement that is increasingly taking suffering seriously as well.

But ask the question to one of the movement’s key leaders, Ed Welch. You may be pleasantly surprised how illuminating and practical his simple and straightforward answer is.

Biblical counseling, in…

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