Where Is Your Identity?

Jonathan Parnell

Stop looking at yourself in carnival mirrors. This is one plea from Paul Tripp’s new book, Dangerous Calling. Carnival mirrors give us a distortion of who we really are, and they’re everywhere we look.

This is especially true of the pastor or ministry leader who is tempted to stay locked in on the horizontal level. The danger is to mistake our work to be what defines us — to…

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Enjoying God’s Beatific Beauty

Tony Reinke

“How good is God,” wrote Jonathan Edwards, “that he has created man for this very end, to make him happy in the enjoyment of himself, the Almighty, who was happy from the days of eternity in himself … that he might make them blessed in the beholding of his excellency, and might this way glorify himself.”

A more profound sentence can hardly be found outside of the Bible. We were

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Getting Oriented on the Gifts of the Spirit

David Mathis

As you board the spiritual-gifts roller coaster, you know that some are committed to having their hands in the air, while others very intentionally keep them tucked away under the safety harness. But before this train pulls away from the station, perhaps there’s no better voice to hear over the loudspeaker than that of self-proclaimed “charismatic Calvinist” Sam Storms.

Storms is the lead pastor of Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City…

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How John Piper Responds to Death Threats

Josh Etter

Everyday gospel ministry requires courage. Whether it’s the courage to keep going when insulted, or honestly repent when you’ve been wrong, or not cave when threatened physically, public Christian ministry necessitates many kinds of courage — whether the society is increasingly post-Christian or not.

It’s not just the death threats — which John Piper has received — but the daily friction against the gospel that demands courage, but in this…

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Business As Ministry

Andre Yee

Anyone working in a “secular” job will be tempted to think of work as less significant or less God honoring than that of, say, a pastor. I have struggled here, and over the years I have met many others who struggle with a sense of purpose in their daily work — wondering if they need instead to give themselves to pastoral work or Christian ministry in order to truly “do…

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Thanking God for a Courageous Missionary

Jonathan Parnell

John G. Paton believed in doing missions when dying is gain. The 19th century Scottish missionary to the New Hebrides, a chain of islands in the South Pacific, was no stranger to suffering. Soon after he arrived to the islands in 1858, he buried both his wife and newborn child. He had left the ease of Europe for the hardships of the Hebrides, and he would become well acquainted with…

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13 Reasons Christians Don’t Have to Be Afraid

Jonathan Parnell

Fear is like the monster under my kids’ beds — its power is fueled not by what’s really there, but by what might be, what we imagine could be. Fear is a hollow darkness in the future that reaches back through time to rob our joy now by belittling the sovereign goodness of God.

But if we are in Christ, if we cling to him by faith, we…

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Ask Pastor John Podcast Update

Tony Reinke

We released eight new episodes of the newly relaunched Ask Pastor John (APJ) podcast this week. And in episode 13 — “The Essential Warfare for Holiness” — we talked with Pastor John about the connection between happiness and holiness.

There Pastor John said this:

When we say God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in him, we are saying the essential warfare of holiness,…

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Why the Good News Turns Bad Without Adam

Michael Reeves

Picture the scene: George Whitefield has just been preaching. Everywhere, eyes are shining and people are talking of the wonderful grace of Christ. Thousands of hearts have been overthrown and melted; lives have been remade.

Now, if the church gives up believing in a historical Adam, we will never see such scenes again.

Too far?

A bit strong?

Not at all. For it is not just that the biblical genealogies…

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Am I Willing?

Christine Hoover

Unpacking in our new home in a new state far from our families, I opened a box marked Fragile in big black letters. Inside, buried under bubble wrap, I found my framed wedding vows. While I searched the master bedroom for the perfect spot where the frame could hang, I read what I had committed to Kyle on our wedding day. Just as it had when I had first written…

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