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12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You

(Coming in April 2017)


Coming April 2017

“If we are honest enough to face our smartphone habits, and use the pages ahead as an invitation to commune with God, we can expect to find grace for our digital failures and grace for our digital futures. God loves us deeply, and he is eager to give us everything we need in the digital age. The spilled blood of his Son proves it. We need his grace as we evaluate the place of smartphones—the pros and the cons—in the trajectory of our eternal lives. If we fluff it, not only will we suffer now, but generations after us will pay the price.” –excerpt from the Introduction

“Smartphones are dangerous — like marriage and music and fine cuisine. Or anything else that can become an idol. They are also very useful — like guns and razor blades and medicinal cannabis. Or lots of other things that can ruin your life. I personally like marriage very much, and use a razor blade every day. So I am with Tony Reinke in his chastened enthusiasm about the ever-changing world modern technology.” –from the foreword by John Piper