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Reading the Bible Supernaturally

Seeing and Savoring the Glory of God in Scripture


“This is a book about what it means to read the Bible supernaturally. I know that sounds strange. If there is anything obvious about you and me, it is that we are natural, ordinary, finite, mortal. We are not angels or demons; and we are certainly not God. But if the Bible is what it claims to be — namely, inspired by God — then it has a supernatural origin. And what I will try to show is that such a book calls for more than your natural kind of reading. Not less. But more. In fact, it calls for the very best of natural reading. But also for more — something beyond what is merely human.” –excerpt from the Introduction


  • “I’m not sure if John asked me for an endorsement because he actually wanted one from me or because he knew how much I needed to read this book. I have been reading the Bible daily for 35 years. Reading the Bible Supernaturally challenged my motives, effort, and enjoyment. I doubt I will read the Scriptures the same again. I look forward to deeper and more wonderful times alone in the Word in the days ahead. It is a must-read for anyone wanting to take Bible study seriously.” Francis Chan, Pastor, San Francisco, California
  • “There are not many books that should be recommended for both beginning Bible readers and for mature Bible readers, but this is one of them. Utilizing brief and pointed expositions of often overlooked Bible verses, John Piper helpfully explains why we should be reading the Bible, the work of the Spirit in our Bible reading, along with the fundamental skills and habits of faithful Bible reading. I cannot imagine a serious Christian who would not benefit from a thoughtful reading of this book.” D. A. Carson, Professor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School