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The Misery of Job and the Mercy of God


“The very thing the tilting ship needs in the storm is the ballast of God’s good sovereignty, not the unburdening of deep and precious truth. What makes the crush of calamity sufferable is not that God shares our shock, but that his bitter providences are laden with the bounty of love” (p. 9).

'We have heard the story of Job. His riches destroyed, his family taken, and his own body afflicted. We can only imagine the depth of his loss and pain. Yet as we ponder Job's misery, do we see the threads of God's mercy in it? We will all face suffering at some point in our lives, it is inescapable. But what makes calamity endurable is not that God shares our shock, but that through every flame of pain and flood of fear, His sovereign goodness sustains us. Author John Piper's interpretive poem together with photographer Ric Ergenbright's stunning visuals, remind you of the unshakable fact that God governs all things for His good purposes. Allow your eyes to see life -- to see God -- in new and powerful ways. And let your spirit rest, knowing that the Lord is not only sovereign, but sweet.'

First Edition 2002
Crossway Books (Wheaton, Illinois)