Getting to the Bottom of Your Joy

John Piper

Cultivating Private Prayer as a Pastor

Joel Beeke


Leading Family Worship

Joel Beeke

Speaker Panel with Beeke, Miller, Chan, Rankin, and Piper

John Piper, Francis Chan, Joel Beeke, and Paul Miller

Unreached Peoples and the Power of Prayer

Jerry Rankin

Why We All Need the Gospel

Francis Chan

I Act the Miracle

John Piper


Leadership and Scripture Memory

John Piper

Desiring God (Session 1)

John Piper

Desiring God (Session 2)

John Piper

Desiring God (Session 3)

John Piper


Hallowing God's Name in Public Life

John Piper

Be a Radically God-Centered Pastor

John Piper



Proclaiming Christ

John Piper

Don't Waste Your Life

John Piper

God's Passion for His Glory in Christ

John Piper

Feel Christ

John Piper

Faithful Women. Faithful God.

Noël Piper

Preach Christ

John Piper

Think Christ

John Piper

Show Christ

John Piper


God's Passion for His Glory

John Piper

God’s Passion for Other’s Joy

John Piper

God’s Passion for Our Joy

John Piper

The Pleasure of God in Everything He Does

John Piper

The Global God Who Gives the Great Commission

Louie Giglio

Speaker Panel: David Sills, David Sitton, and Jason Mandryk

Jason Mandryk, David Sitton, and David Sills

Pioneer Missions and Theological Education

David Sills

What Makes the Great Commission "Great"?

Dave Harvey

John Piper Interviews Greg Livingstone and David Sitton

David Sitton, Greg Livingstone, and John Piper

Reckless Abandon: Jesus Is Worth It!

David Sitton

Taking the Gospel to the Unreached

Jason Mandryk

Speaker Panel: Dave Harvey, Ed Stetzer, and Jeff Vanderstelt

Jeff Vanderstelt, Ed Stetzer, and Dave Harvey

Speaker Panel: David Platt, Michael Ramsden, Michael Oh, Ed Stetzer, John Piper

David Mathis, Michael Ramsden, Michael Oh, John Piper, Ed Stetzer, and David Platt

Courage, Christ, and Finishing the Mission

Michael Ramsden




One Life: Enjoy It

John Piper