Doctrinal Depth and Gospel Advance

John Piper

Perseverance in God-Centered Missions

John Piper

The Cost of Love in the Call to the Nations

John Piper

C.S. Lewis and the Care of Souls

Lyle Dorsett

Myth Wars: C.S. Lewis vs. Scientism

N. D. Wilson

Seminar Speaker Panel Discussion

Devin Brown, Lyle Dorsett, Colin Duriez, and N. D. Wilson

A Child’s Heart and a Grown-up’s Head

Matt Reagan

Longing in Lewis’s Life and Writing

Lyle Dorsett

A Quick Look at the Best of ‘Screwtape’

Devin Brown

Latecomer to Narnia

Noël Piper

How Lewis Changed the Way I Worship

Sam Storms

The Lie of Realism

N. D. Wilson

Fed up with Life and Ready to Write

David Mathis

Pizza! Pizza! Lewis at Little Caesars

Jonathan Parnell

Was Lewis a Revolutionary or Dinosaur?

Colin Duriez

Jack’s Typewriter

Tony Reinke

Panel Discussion

Phillip Ryken, Kevin Vanhoozer, Douglas Wilson, David Mathis, Randy Alcorn, and John Piper

Undragoned: C.S. Lewis on the Gift of Salvation

Douglas Wilson


Identity and Desire

John Piper

Zeal for God: Deadly or Indispensable?

John Piper

Is Jesus an Egomaniac?

John Piper

Conversation with Tim Chester and Doug Wilson

Tim Chester, Douglas Wilson, and John Piper

Saying Well As a Way of Seeing Wonder

John Piper

The Greatest Good of the Gospel

John Piper

The Sweetest Good of the Good News

John Piper

A Spectacular and Scary Promise

John Piper