Panel Discussion - Piper, Driscoll, and Ferguson

This panel discussion featured Sinclair Ferguson, Mark Driscoll, and John Piper, with questions by Justin Taylor. Here's what was asked:

  • Pastor John, anything in particular from Sinclair's message that stood out to you or convicted you?
  • Sinclair, how did you come to believe the gospel?
  • How do you avoid the extremes of either indulging in controvery or neglecting it to a fault?
  • What have you learned, Mark, from those who have criticized you?
  • Sinclair, how do you use the psalms to minister to your own soul?
  • Pastor John, in Matt 12 Jesus says that people will have to give account on judgment day for every careless word they speak. How is that not massively discouraging?
  • Mark, how do you counsel people from the cross?
  • What alternative do people offer who are trying to get rid of the substitutionary atonement?
  • Sinclair, can you say something about the importance of the doctrine of union with Christ? Any resources you recommend on this subject?

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