Is Your Obedience Really Rebellion?

The ultimate essence of evil is not simply breaking God’s commands. The deep horror of our sin is not simply that we cross over some line that God told us not to cross. The ultimate essence of evil is not simply that we break God’s commands. The problem with our sin is that we love or prefer anything over God.

Unless we see that the evilness of sin lies in desiring, preferring, loving anything more than we love God, we’ll have no idea why we do what we do. The glory of Christ’s victory in the cross, the majesty of God, and the deep satisfaction of the Christian life will all be lost on us, as we stagger with our eyes down, trying to “stay within the lines” of God’s commands.

This clip is taken from The Ultimate Essence of Evil, a sermon that John Piper preached to 55,000 college-age students at Passion 2017.