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Pastoring Your Wife and Kids

Rick Gamache

Preaching the Gospel to Yourself

Paul Tripp

Living the Gospel That You Preach

Paul Tripp

The Pastor’s Purity and Pleasure

Kempton Turner

How to Stay Christian in Seminary—And Any Season of Waiting

David Mathis and Jonathan Parnell

The Promise in Pastoral Weakness

Jared Wilson

Best Lessons from a Lifetime of Pastoring

Sinclair Ferguson

The Pastor As Lead Affirmer

Sam Crabtree

Union with Christ: Mind-Renewing Foundations

Sinclair Ferguson

Calvin on Union with Christ

Michael Horton

Union with Christ: Life-Transforming Implications

Sinclair Ferguson

The Old Testament in Ten Minutes

Jason DeRouchie

The New Testament in Ten Minutes

Andy Naselli

Shepherds, Listen Well

Jared Wilson

Union with Christ and the Communion of Saints

Michael Horton

Panel Discussion

Sinclair Ferguson, Michael Horton, and John Piper

Pilgrim Worship

John Piper

A Tender Word to Pharisees

John Piper



Death Is Not the End of Life

John Piper

Are You Worthy of Jesus?

John Piper

Bitter Providence and Barley Harvest

John Piper


Join Me in Soul-Satisfaction in God

John Piper

Mining God’s Word

Tom Steller

Intertexuality and the Glory of God

Jason Meyer

Pure and Simple Devotion

Ben Stuart

The B-I-B-L-E, Yes, That’s the Book for… Us

Samantha Poteat

The Bible’s Big Story

Nancy Guthrie

The Gospel for Real Devotions

Jerry Bridges

Magnifying the Law of God

Jerry Bridges

What Women Need Most for Better Bible Study

Jen Wilkin

Doctrines of Grace and Mission

Daniel Montgomery

The Next Generation

Ben Stuart

A 10-Minute History of the English Bible

Devin Brown


Has the Word of God Failed?

John Piper

My Heart’s Prayer to God for You

John Piper

God’s Good Purpose in Election

John Piper

God Has Mercy on Whomever He Wills

John Piper

The Gospel of the Grace of God

John Piper


Such a Great Salvation!

John Piper