Sermons on Acts 1

What Jesus Did After the Beginning

Acts 1:1-3

by John Piper

The book of Acts is not just the acts of the apostles; it is the acts of the risen, living, enthroned Jesus.

You Will Be Baptized with the Holy Spirit

Acts 1:4-5

by John Piper

In order to be effective instruments of Jesus' life in the world, you need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit Wants the World for Christ

Acts 1:4-8

by John Piper

The Spirit wants the world for Christ, but the goal is not yet reached.

You Shall Receive Power Till Jesus Comes

Acts 1:6-14

by John Piper

The extraordinary experience of being "clothed with power" is available to us for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

What Judas's Death Teaches Us About the Spirit

Acts 1:15-26

by John Piper

The purpose of the Holy Spirit is invincible and he has an unwavering zeal for the glory of the God-man, Jesus.