Sermons on Acts 13

Bethlehem's Antioch Moment

Acts 13:1-3

by John Piper

Prayer, Fasting, and the Course of History

Acts 13:1-4

by John Piper

The course of history has been changed again and again through the fasting of God's people.

The Straight Paths of the Lord

Acts 13:1-12

by John Piper

God is not aloof or passive or indecisive. He is a searching and saving God, a God on a mission.

History Is God's Story

Acts 13:13-29

by John Piper

Everything, without exception, has to do with God, and gets its main meaning from God.

A Passion for the Supremacy of God for the Joy of All Peoples

Unpacking the Master Planning Team Document

Acts 13:36

by John Piper

We exist to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples.

Everyone Who Believes Is Freed

Acts 13:38-39

by John Piper

Jesus frees us from sin, which is one of seven reasons for why you should trust him.