Sermons on John 4

You Will Never Be Thirsty Again

John 4:1-15

by John Piper

The woman-at-the-well account reveals woeful truth about us and wonderful truth about Jesus.

The Tragic Cost of Her Cavernous Thirst

John 4:16-26

by John Piper

We are blind to Jesus' living water, but he'll expose this sin in us and then save us from it.

God Seeks People to Worship Him in Spirit and Truth

John 4:16-26

by John Piper

Worship must have heart and worship must have head.

Not in This or That Mount, but in Spirit and Truth

John 4:16-30

by John Piper

Only those who know Jesus have the Spirit and know the truth that makes real worship possible.

The Food of Christ Is to Give Eternal Life

John 4:27-42

by John Piper

The natural timeframe of sowing and reaping does not pertain to Jesus and his saving power.

Vision for the Harvest: 2000 by 2000

Unpacking the Master Planning Team Document

John 4:31-38

by John Piper

When we give ourselves to the work of personal evangelism and world missions, God pours more life into our souls.

Go, Your Son Will Live

John 4:43-54

by John Piper

What do Jesus' miracles say about Jesus?