Sermons on John 7

Jesus Is Precious Because His Biblical Portrait Is True, Part 2

John 7:1-18

by John Piper

If you ever meet a man who cares nothing for the praise and approval of men (Mark 12:14), but whose one controlling desire is to glorify God whom he loves with all his heart, believe that man. He is true.

Preparing to Receive Christ: Willing to Do the Will of God

John 7:14-18

by John Piper

The great obstacle to recognizing the truth of Christ is not deficient resources but deep rebellion against God.

Rivers From the Heart

John 7:37-38

by John Piper

We are afflicted and blessed with a chronic restlessness, an insatiable soul-thirst, for this reason: that we might keep looking until we find Christ.

No One Ever Spoke Like This Man!

John 7:40-52

by John Piper

Neither Do I Condemn You

John 7:53 - 8:11

by John Piper