Sermons on Luke 2

A Big God for Little People

Seven Christmas Eve Meditations

Luke 2:1-20

by John Piper

All the mammoth political forces and all the giant industrial complexes, without their even knowing it, are being guided by God, not for their own sake but for the sake of God's little people—the little Mary and the little Joseph who have to be got from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

Simeon's Farewell to the World

Sunday Evening Message

Luke 2:21-40

by John Piper

Jesus' birth brought a new era in the history of redemption, but one that is still in complete harmony with the old.

Preparing to Receive Christ: Looking for the Consolation of Israel

Luke 2:25-38

by John Piper

God prepares a person to receive Christ by stirring up a longing for consolation and redemption that can come only from Christ.

Fasting for the King's Coming

Luke 2:36-38

by John Piper

Shall we long for the Christ less than Anna longed for him?

The Son of God at 12 Years Old

Sunday Evening Message

Luke 2:41-52

by John Piper

I feel tremendously challenged by the example of Jesus to strive for increased wisdom and understanding of Scripture.