Sermons on Romans 4

How Do Circumcision and Baptism Correspond?

Romans 4:9-12

by John Piper

The way God constituted his people under the old covenant is different than how he does it today.

The Children of Abraham Are Heirs of the World

Romans 4:13-15

by John Piper

What does it mean to be an heir of the world?

The Faith - Grace - Certainty Connection

Romans 4:16-21

by John Piper

Your faith is called into being out of nothing. That is the meaning of grace and the reason why God can guarantee his promises to you.

Battling Unbelief at Bethlehem

Romans 4:20-21

by John Piper

Fight against sin by fighting against unbelief in the promises of God.

The Purpose and Perseverance of Faith

Romans 4:22-25

by John Piper