11 Sermons: The Minor Prophets

The Locust Horde and the Day of the Lord


by John Piper

God will fight against us and clog the joy of our lives until we return with our whole heart to him. For his purpose is to be God alone in the midst of his people.

The Lord Will Rejoice over You

Zephaniah 3:14-17

by John Piper

Every staff on which we try to lean in our pride will snap and pierce us through. One refuge will be secure: God.

The Poor of the Land and the Pride of Jacob

Amos 6:1-8 and Amos 8:4-8

by John Piper

Conversion isn't just changing your mind but exchanging the love of comfort for the love of goodness and justice.

The Just Shall Live by Faith


by John Piper

Would I gain my life before a holy God if I died tonight? Am I ready to take my stand in the divine courtroom and hear the Judge pass an eternal sentence on me?

Eagle Edom Will Come Down


by John Piper

The violent nation will not boast forever. Very soon the recompense will come, and after that all the nations will render an account to God.

Cry of Distress and Voice of Thanks

The Prayer of Jonah

Jonah 2

by John Piper

The belly of a fish hardly seems like salvation. But it was.

Take Courage: You Build More Than You See


by John Piper

Nothing you do is a trifle if you do it in the name of God. He will shake heaven and earth to fill your labor with splendor.

There Shall Be a Fountain Opened


by John Piper

The fountain of forgiveness has been opened for you. And if you cleanse yourself through faith in that fountain, all the subsequent promises to God's people are yours.

From Bethlehem in the Majesty of the Name of the Lord

by John Piper

God uses little towns and youngest sons and slingshots to magnify his glory by contrast, to show that he is not the least dependent on human glory or greatness or achievement.

You Shall Go Forth Leaping Like Calves

by John Piper

Christ came at Christmas to build a bridge across the chasm of sin to eternal life, but the name of the bridge is purity. The only way to eternal life is along the path of sanctification.

Call Me Husband, Not Baal

Hosea 4:1 - 14:9

by John Piper

The point of Hosea is that God exalts his mercy by not giving up on his promiscuous wife.