Sermons on Loving Others

The Mind of Christ: Looking Out for the Interests of Others

Philippians 2

by John Piper

4 examples from Philippians 2 of people who put others' interests before their own.

The New Commandment of Christ: Love One Another As I Have Loved You

John 13:31-35

by John Piper

What's new about Jesus' new commandment?

Carry My Love to My Beloved

Romans 16:5-16

by John Piper

Christians are precious to each other when they feel deeply what they have been saved from.

Commending and Welcoming Radical Risk-Takers for Christ

Romans 16:1-7

by John Piper

What can we learn from how Paul sends his greetings?

The Greatest of These Is Love: An Introduction to the Series

1 John 4

by John Piper

God is love. The implications of this for the way we live are big.

The One Who Loves Lives in Light

1 John 2:7-11

by John Piper

Hate is the evidence of blindness to the light of God. Love is the evidence that sight has been given to the blind.

What We See When the Spirit Reigns: Love

Romans 8:3-4

by John Piper

If we are unmerciful, unforgiving people, if we hold grudges or cherish resentments or plan revenge, then what we are saying in effect to God is, "This is the way I prefer life to be." And so he will give us what we have preferred at the day of judgment; no mercy, no forgiveness, but only vengeance. If Christ has not changed us (and I don't mean perfection, but only significant change), then probably we have never known him.

Doing Mercy to the Brothers of Jesus and the Broken Neighbor

Matthew 25:31-46

by John Piper

If we are true Christians we will want to show mercy to suffering people.

Let Love Be Genuine

Romans 12:9

by John Piper

You can be a liberal hypocrite, and you can be fundamentalist hypocrite. But love is not that way.