Sermons on Parenting

Parenting With Hope In the Worst of Times

Micah 7

by John Piper

In every stage of parenting, knowing God's mercy gives us brokenhearted boldness—and hope.

Raising Children Who Are Confident in God

Psalm 78:1-8

by John Piper

What is our calling as parents and as a community of Christians toward our children?

Marriage Is Meant for Making Children . . . Disciples of Jesus, Part 2

A Father’s Conquest of Anger in Himself and in His Children

Ephesians 6:1-4

by John Piper

Don’t provoke your children to anger. Show them in your own soul how it can be replaced with tenderhearted joy.

One Generation Shall Praise Your Works to Another

Education for Exultation: in the Next Generation

Psalm 145:4

by John Piper

It is the Biblical duty of every generation to make sure that the next generation hears about the mighty acts of God.

Raising Children Who Hope in the Triumph of God

Ephesians 6:4

by John Piper

Our great challenge is to be the kind of church and the kind of parents that raise up children who hope in the triumph of God.

He Will Turn the Hearts of the Fathers to the Children

Malachi 4:4-6

by John Piper

God has turned his heart toward you in Jesus Christ. Don't push it away.