Sermons on Pastoral Ministry

Twenty Years, Then Romans

Romans 5:12-21

by John Piper

Do Not Sell the Gospel

TBI Graduation

by John Piper

What are the signs that someone is selling the Gospel and how can we avoid doing it ourselves?

A Pastor's Offering to God of Holy People

Romans 15:14-21

by John Piper

What is the pastor's calling? What does this mean for the rest of the church?

Preparing for the Discipline of a Vocational Minister

An Introduction

Joel 2:15-17

by John Piper

We lead by example not just when we succeed, but also when we fail.

I Entrust You to God and to the Word of His Grace

Acts 20:32-35

by John Piper

If the elders care for the flock, who cares for the elders?

Watch Out for the Wolves Within

Acts 20:28-31

by John Piper

There is laid upon the elders of the church of Christ a responsibility unique in all the world.

Faithfulness Is Better Than Life

Acts 20:22-25

by John Piper

Faithfulness means that you trust God and obey, no matter what impact it has on your safety or standard of living.

Serving the Lord with Humility, Tears, and Trials

Acts 20:17-21

by John Piper

What are the marks of a good church elder? What kind of leadership does the church need?

The Glory of Priestly Success

Malachi 2:1-9

by John Piper

The ministry of the Word can destroy and the ministry of the Word can save.

The Curse of Priestly Failure

Malachi 2:1-9

by John Piper

A great danger to the pastoral ministry is that the voice of God in Scripture may be drowned out by other voices.

At the Price of God's Own Blood

Acts 20:28

by John Piper

Can you say say from the bottom of your heart, "Lord, Jesus, there is nothing I want more in my life than what you bled to obtain"?

I Chose You to Bear Fruit

Ordination of Glen Bloomstrom

John 15:16

by John Piper

Everything that you try to do will come to nothing unless you do it through a conscious, abiding dependence on the enablement of Christ.

From Wonder to Witness

Isaiah 43:10-13

by John Piper

The flame of worship is a witness to God's exuberance for God.