Sermons on Risk

Risk and the Triumph of Love

Romans 8:35-37

by John Piper

In Christ's triumph our enemy is not just defeated, but captured and made to serve our eternal good.

Joy+Debt = A Two-Thousand-Mile Detour to Jerusalem

Romans 15:20-28

by John Piper

Why did Paul make another trip to Jerusalem when he expressly wanted to visit the saints in Rome?

The Isaac Factor

Education for Exultation: Beyond the Possible

Genesis 18:10-15

by John Piper

Why does God make us depend on him for what is humanly impossible?

Risk and the Cause of God

2 Samuel 10:12

by John Piper

Risk only exists because of ignorance.

Risk and the Cause of God: Today

Luke 21:16

by John Piper

It is the will of the Lord that we take risks for the cause of God.