Sermons on The Sovereignty of God

Sustained by Sovereign Grace—Forever

Jeremiah 32:36-42

by John Piper

How can you be sure that grace will sustain you to the end?

The Pleasure of God in All That He Does

Psalm 135:6

by John Piper

God is never constrained to do a thing that he despises. He does whatever he wants.

Ruth: Sweet and Bitter Providence

Ruth 1

by John Piper

When it seems that God is farthest from you or has turned against you, he is actually laying foundations for your greater happiness.

Skeptical Grumbling and Sovereign Grace

John 6:41-51

by John Piper

What does it mean that no one can come to Jesus unless the father draws them?

It Is the Spirit That Gives Life

John 6:52-71

by John Piper

As once-adoring followers disappear, Jesus' message becomes clearer and clearer: Their resistance itself is in God's hands.

Behold, Believe, Be Raised

John 6:27-40

by John Piper

Jesus and all that God is for us in him is what we hunger and thirst for, and saving faith is being satisfied in him.

All Things for Good, Part 1

Romans 8:28-32

by John Piper

Three things that love for God is not.

The Great Work of the Only Wise God

Romans 16:25-27

by John Piper

God is infinitely able to know the best possible outcome of any situation and then achieve it.

A Well-Timed Help

Sunday Evening Message

Hebrews 4:14-16

by John Piper

God's help is always well-timed.

The Absolute Sovereignty of God: What Is Romans Nine About?

Romans 9:1-5

by John Piper

John Piper tells how Romans 9 changed his life and then discusses its overarching theological purpose.

All Things for Good, Part 2

Romans 8:28-32

by John Piper

A call to follow Jesus in the risks of love no matter what it costs.