12 Songs Featuring (or Influenced by) John Piper

Tim Challies has done a helpful work in compiling a list of at least 12 songs (10 of which are hip-hop) that either feature John Piper preaching or have been directly influenced by him or one of his books.

The list consists of

  • "Don't Waste Your Life" by Lecrae
  • "Make War" and "This Song's for You" by Tedashii
  • "All-Consuming Fire" and "My Portion" by Shai Linne
  • "Who He Is" by Json
  • "Unstoppable" and "Desiring God" by Voice
  • "Sanctification" by Timothy Brindle
  • "Actions Speak Louder" by Swoope
  • "The Glory of God" by Matt Papa
  • "The Best Is Yet to Come" by The Joy Eternal

See Challies' post for links to watch or listen to these songs.