A Beer with Jesus?

Is it a sin for me to drink alcohol?

It could be, says Pastor John in today’s episode of the Ask Pastor John podcast.

“I’m a default teetotaler,” he says. “And what that means is if I have my choice, I don’t drink alcohol, but I might, to be a good guest. . . . But I don’t think anybody can make a case from Scripture that teetotalism is required.”

So what’s his case? Pastor John explains in today’s podcast (episode #200):


Also, this week we introduced Ask Pastor John podcast videos to YouTube — yes, videos. But if you’re expecting video footage of Pastor John answering questions, you’ll be sorely disappointed. We have taken the audio recording, set it to a photo, and made it into a video to reach new audiences of YouTubers. Find those available videos here.

As an example, here’s how episode 79 — “How to Fight Laziness” — appears:

Tuning In

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