A Few Endorsements for Wrestling with an Angel

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Director of Donor Partnerships

Greg Lucas is a dear friend who has contributed a gift to the Church in his new book Wrestling with an Angel: A Story of Love, Disability, and the Lesson of Grace.

Here's my endorsement of the book:

It is a rare book that makes much of God and our dependency on Him while also celebrating His goodness through hard things. Using his own example of parenting a child with significant disabilities, Greg demonstrates what relying on a sovereign God through extreme difficulty and suffering looks like. This book is a gift to the church, and particularly to men who need an example of masculine, Biblical leadership in the face of complex, confusing, and overwhelming circumstances. If you have ever confronted hardship and questioned God's goodness, this book provides a real-life example of trusting in the promise of God.

Noël Piper writes of the book:

This is not primarily a book for parents of special needs children. Only one disability keeps a person from heaven. It is not physical or mental. it is the sin that lives in our hearts. Jake's father, Greg, is a captivating storyteller. When he writes about life with Jake, I recognize God's grace and loving persistence in my life. I want more!

Justin Taylor adds my favorite endorsement:

I didn't want to read this book. I knew these tear-stained but hope-filled pages would jostle me out of my comfort zone and shake me up. C.S. Lewis wrote that he paradoxically loved The Lord of the Rings because it 'broke his heart'—and Greg Lucas' writing does the same for me. And it's for that reason that I heartily commend this book—especially for dads. This is just the book many of us need to taste afresh the goodness of God and the grace of the gospel even as we long for the day when this broken world will be made right.

You can also get an additional taste of the depth of this man and this book through an interview Greg conducted just this week with Tim Challies and David Murray. I am grateful to God for Greg Lucas and what God has been pleased to do for Greg through extraordinary suffering and even greater grace. This is a story you will be glad to have read.

(@johnpknight) is Director of Donor Partnerships at Desiring God. He is married to Dianne, and together they parent their four children: Paul, Hannah, Daniel, and Johnny. Paul lives with multiple disabilities including blindness, autism, cognitive impairments, and a seizure disorder. John writes on disability, the Bible, and the church at The Works of God.