Abortion Creates a Mission Field

Sometimes I fall into thinking of abortion as an American issue, or worse, an American political issue. Most of the stats I read, after all, are about abortions in this country. And when I consider voting for a candidate, one of my first questions is "Are they pro-life?"

So I find it helpful to remind myself that abortion is not American and it is most certainly not primarily political. Those stats are kids, not numbers. And the kids are from many colors, cultures, and countries.

Life International is a ministry that actively remembers that abortion is a world-wide scourge. They note,

Abortions in the U.S. and Canada (1.4 million) amount to 3% of abortions worldwide. And while the U.S. and Canada have 2,500 pregnancy centers to counteract 3% of abortions, the rest of the world has 600 centers for 97% of abortions.

So their mission is to "help nationals establish LIFE ministries wherever abortion exists in the world." And they do this ultimately for Jesus, knowing that both physical and eternal life are important.

Like every mission, they need us, the church. With our time, our money, and our prayers, we can be a part of seeing "lives saved physically and transformed spiritually ... in the mission field created by abortion."