Adoption Improved the Perfect Little Family

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Young and recently married with a girl and a boy, the Bauchams were told they had “the perfect little family.” But God had other plans — that eventually involved seven more children through adoption. Today the Bauchams are approaching fifty, and their youngest is two years old. Hear how their adoption journey began, and what God has been teaching them through it. The following is a lightly edited transcript.

Voddie: Our adoption journey began early on in our marriage. We got married the summer between my sophomore and junior year in college and our first child was born ten months later. So people thought we were crazy. Our second child was born a couple of years later. Now we had a girl and a boy and we heard it over and over again: You have the perfect little family. And there was so much pressure on us to just stop there.

Bridget: But then a few years later we wanted more children and had done some things to prevent us from having children. And we went back and found out that those things could not be reversed, so we began to, at that point, think about adoption.

Voddie: So here we are with our 11-year-old and our 14-year-old and we walk into this agency and we said, “Hey, we are interested in adopting.”

And I think we said that we were interested in adopting several children. And the lady just went and got her supervisor. We didn’t know what was going on.

She said, “Tell her what you just told me.”

We didn’t know at the time that adoption agencies in this country have a hard time finding black families who will adopt. It was like an answer to prayer for them. We started our paper work in May and we were matched in July. It was almost scary, because we were just getting used to the idea. By the end of July there was another baby in our home.

That was our first of seven adoptions. And everything changed. We never went through that process again. The second adoption was with the same agency. Adoptions three through seven we just got phone calls. Seven times the Lord said yes.

Bridget: It has been incredible for us. We love every minute of it. We laugh a lot. There is a lot of work to be done, but everybody pitches in and it is great.

Voddie: For me, adoption has helped me both as an individual Christian and as a pastor. Until I became a father to adopted children and was able to look at my children and know these are as much my children as those children who are related to me biologically, until that moment I wasn’t able to fully understand and grasp what it means to be a child of God, because we are his children by adoption. When you understand adoption, you get that. We are his children. And he is not going anywhere.

Adoption is about the gospel.

Bridget: For me adoption is important, because it is a beautiful picture of God’s grace in my life. I was really the forerunner in doing something to prevent us having more children biologically. I was in sin. I was wrong. I wanted to be in control and I didn’t allow God to be in control. God is so faithful to give us back what the locusts have eaten. I get a chance to love on some kids who are actually my kids and raise them. It has been a blessing. I did not think that I would be almost 50 years old with seven little kids, but I tell you: I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Voddie: When we started this journey, we were on the downhill side of parenting. We had two kids. They were 14 and 11. We were just a few years away from an empty nest and now we are almost 50 and we are looking at 10, eight, six, five, four, three, and almost two. So no, we are not doing the empty nest thing. What else are we going to do? What else are we going to do with our lives that would be more important than what we are doing right now with our lives? I can’t think of anything.

(@VoddieBaucham) is dean of the seminary at African Christian University and previously served as Pastor of Preaching at Grace Family Baptist Church in Spring, TX. He has authored numerous books, academic journals, and magazine articles. He is married to Bridget and they have nine children. They currently live in Lusaka, Zambia.