Ask Pastor John — Now for Android

Update: Ask Pastor John is now available for Kindle Fire (and other Android devices) in the Amazon Appstore.

What’s the Christian way to think about marijuana, cussing, interracial marriage, the historical Adam, and homosexuality?

Listen to John Piper answer these and other tough pastoral and theological questions using the new Ask Pastor John app for Android. Similar to the iPhone app we released in March, this new app streams the latest episodes of the Ask Pastor John podcast straight to your Android mobile device. It even has the option for you to submit your own questions for Pastor John to answer.

A new episode of Ask Pastor John is released each weekday at 10AM Central and is typically about 5 minutes. The app showcases the seven most recent episodes (15 for tablets) and includes a link to view the podcast page on SoundCloud, where you can access the full, ever-growing library of episodes (over a hundred already). It also includes the option to share episodes via multiple channels.

We remain grateful to John Piper for the extra time and thought he gives to answering these questions each week, and to Tony Reinke, who continues to skillfully prepare and host each episode.