Ask Pastor John (Weekly Digest)

This week we released episodes 29–33 in the Ask Pastor John podcast. We began the week with an artist's question about the value of art. In episode 29 Pastor John offered a theology of art in five minutes. In part he said,

Art is basically a craft or a skill that aims at more than just keeping food on the table. What makes it Christian, I think, is that God is an artist. He made the heavens that are telling something about his glory [Psalm 19:1]. In other words, he didn’t just make the heavens to protect us from solar rays. The heavens are not just utilitarian, they are beautiful, they say something about his glory. … God is the maker, and we have the mind of the maker. We talked about this once before [episode 17]. And therefore it seems to me that Christians have the deepest and best foundations for serious art than anybody.

Listen to the entire podcast here.

On Tuesday we asked him a question related to Christian Hedonism and whether we glorify God in our desire to enjoy him even when we do not feel the joy? And do we glorify God more when we also experience the joy (episode 30)?

That was followed on Wednesday with a listener’s question about whether Pastor John’s pro-life position changes in situations involving rape, incest, and threat to the mother’s life (episode 31).

We closed out the week by asking whether it’s permissible for missionaries to lie in order to do ministry in closed countries (episode 32)? And finally with the question about why — if the Holy Spirit permanently dwells within us — do we find our affections for God always in flux (episode 33)?

Current List of Episodes

We've released 33 episodes to date. Here are the top five (in order of total plays):

  1. Fighting Porn Addiction with Grudem’s Systematic Theology (Episode 18)
  2. Was Adam For Real, and Does It Matter? (Episode 4)
  3. Reflections from John Piper on His 67th Birthday (Episode 1)
  4. Does God Ever Withdraw His Presence from His Children? (Episode 19)
  5. Must Bible Reading Always End with Application? (Episode 26)

And here's a full list of avaliable episodes:

Tuning In

The Ask Pastor John daily podcast is a series of 3–8 minute conversations released on weekdays at 11am (EST) via the DG Facebook and Twitter feeds. We're currently hosting all the recordings on SoundCloud, a website that makes it easy to listen to several of the podcasts in one sitting. They’re also beginning to be archived on the DG website.

Soon the podcast will be syndicated in iTunes, and we have plans to make these recordings more accessible to listeners on a daily basis.

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