Be Wowed by God

The more we know of the galaxies, the more intense our worship should be.

Piper made this point last weekend, noting that if the ancients were astounded by God's handiwork in the heavens, how much more should we be who can see millions of miles further than them.

But I live in downtown Minneapolis. The only star I can regularly point out from my neighborhood is the sun. So I was happy to come across Wikisky tonight (HT: The Daily Dish). It offers a star map of our sky along with details on whichever star you run your mouse over. These stats don't mean much to me, unfortunately--but they have pictures too.

Nothing on screen can compare to what God has actually made, of course, but it's better than streetlights, to be sure.

We love a God who is mindful of puny people like us even though he is big enough that all this is the work of his fingers.