Behind the Blog: An Interview with Jerry Bridges

Jerry Bridges’ first book, The Pursuit of Holiness, was published in 1978 and came as the fruit of his own sanctification struggles as a young Christian many years before. It is a fascinating story, which Mr. Bridges recently sat down to tell us in a short interview. We found the interview so rich and helpful that we’ve divided it up into two parts.

In part one, Mr. Bridges tells the story about how he navigated his walk early on through some unhealthy views of God’s role and ours in sanctification. He also gives a brief overview of our union with Christ and an example of how the gospel plays out in the life of a believer. At one point Mr. Bridges quotes from a favorite hymn, “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’s blood and righteousness.” He adds, “This is true. My hope not just for eternal life, but for everything in the Christian life, is built on Jesus’s blood and righteousness.”

Stream or download, “Behind the Blog: An Interview with Jerry Bridges (Part 1).”

In part two of our interview, Mr. Bridges gets into the practical pieces of our communion with God, so practical, in fact, that it even includes his take on coffee. He says that the object of Bible reading and prayer is to be with God. Many people, he explains, may read some chapters from the Bible and pray through a list, but our goal must be to meet with God, not just go through the motions. He shares about his own time of communion and the importance of applying the Bible to everyday life.

Jerry Bridges has been reading the Bible daily since he was 18-years old. He is now 84. This interview was an honor for us and we trust you will be blessed like we were.

Stream or download, “Behind the Blog: An Interview with Jerry Bridges (Part 2).”

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