Behind the Blog: Christian Dating

Four years ago, the small-budget, independent production 500 Days of Summer premiered at the Sundance Film Festival with decent accolades. Since then the movie has surprisingly gone on to earn over $60 million. Why? Because it’s a realistic story of an all-too-common dating relationship — one that ends up lopsided and empty because of a plastic vision of romance.

Its popularity seems to tell us something about Western culture and relationships: the system is broken. Expectations are inflated. People are confused.

But a similar report fits for many Christians. How should we think about dating? What’s the best way to journey toward marriage?

In this new episode of Behind the Blog, we talk dating and dating alone. Building off Marshall Segal’s not-yet-married manifesto, we get into the details of how to think Christianly about the familiar scene of boy meets girl.

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