Biblical Masculinity and the Importance of Role Models

"The biggest hurdle to biblical masculinity," Trip Lee explains, "is the lack of fathers in the home." We need role models, and this is where the church comes in.

In this three-minute video, Trip shares about the importance of people in our lives who can show us how to follow Jesus and lead others.


I would say that probably the biggest hurdle to promoting biblical masculinity in our culture today is the lack of fathers in the home. There are so many families where the father just isn't there. He did his part to make a baby but refuses to do his part beyond that. So there are lots of men who have grown up without a man in their life in the home who has modeled anything for them. The only model they have seen of manhood up close and personal is a man who is altogether irresponsible — not even responsible enough to be in the life of his son. Even beyond that we have some homes who have fathers, but not really good fathers. There are just no role models around for men at all. We'll talk about "a godly man is actually supposed to lead" and when we say that to dudes, they have no idea what in the world we're talking about because they've never seen it before.

It's almost like I told them to work a time machine. Well I have no idea how to do that. No one has ever shown me any of that. I don't know what any of this means. And so this is where the church comes in. Our role as a church: we want to display the gospel, proclaim the gospel, and believe the gospel together. We want to proclaim the gospel to young men, praying that they will be saved, and then when they are and when they are among us, we want to say, "hey, this is what a godly man looks like. Come into my home and watch me love my wife. Watch me raise my children."

I know that's been huge for me — brothers who have allowed me to be in their lives. When I was beginning to pursue my wife to marry her, I'd already seen three or four brothers go through this entire process where they'd been open with their lives to me so I wasn't clueless to what it looks like. Now granted, I don't do it perfect, but I know what I am aiming for because I've seen brothers do it. So I know I am supposed to love my sisters in all purity. Well what does that look like? Oh yeah, here is this brother who actually showed me what that looks like.

I have a son on the way and I praise God for that. I am so excited. So I think, "how do I raise a son in the right way?" And there are men even right now who are allowing me to be around them and watch them raise a child.

So I know I am empowered by the Spirit, I know that God's word is sufficient, but I am so grateful for God's people who are helping me figure out how to follow Jesus properly. I think we need to be willing to allow men into our lives and give ourselves to others for that purpose.